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break down
a collapse of phsycial and/or mental health; failing to work
break in
to enter forcibly; with an item of clothing, it can mean to wear in and make comfortable
a sudden achievement
break up
to separate or collapse; divide and disperse
clear away
to free from something
clear out
to leave a place, usually quickly
come about
to happen
come across
to find or meet by chance
come down with
to get sick
come up with
to produce something or have an idea
come from
to derive or originate from
come of
to result from
come out
to disclose
come through with
to succeed in doing
come to
to regain consciousness;add up to
come to terms with
to understand or absorb mentally
do without
to get along without
drop in/drop by
to visit casually and sometimes unexpectedly
fall back on
to turn to for help
fall behind
to fail to keep up with
fall for
to be taken in by;duped
fill in
to substitute for
fit in
to make time for; to conform
give away
to make a gift of
give in
to surrender
give up
to stop; to yield to; to part with
go along with
to agree to
go down
when referring to food this means it can be swallowed and digested
go far
to succeed
go on
to proceed with; to happen
go through with
to do
go under
to fail
go up
to be erected
hang on
to hold on to; to wait or persevere
hang around
to loiter
hang up
to end a telephone conversation by putting the receiver down
heat up
to increase in pressure