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It's on the tip of my tongue.
I am thinking of something and feel like I know the word or name, but I can't quite remember it.
"It" is a name of someone or a word for something.
How well can you remember it?
A substitute word for something which you can't remember the word for.
It is like a question, but it goes in the sentence in place of a noun/thing.
What's his name?
You can't or can't be bothered to remember his name. Somewhat impersonal or rude.
What can't you remember? How do you feel about this person?
Like asking "What's her name?", but it can be used in the middle of the sentence in place of the person's name.
Also: Whats-his-name. I.e., Can be male or female.
What doesn't the speaker remember? How can you use this phrase?
draw a blank
to not remember anything
Imagine an empty blank space.

"I drew a blank on the quiz."
"I am drawing a blank on what I did yesterday afternoon."