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have a sharp tongue
to be a person often speaking in a severe and critical way

"The writer is famous for her short temper and sharp tongue."

"She has rather a sharp tongue."
go/sell like hot cakes
sell quickly in large quantity

"The new product is selling like hot cakes."
pull out all the stops
to do everything to make sth successful

"I pulled out all the stops to start my business."
Don’t hold your breath!
don't wait because sth may take a long time
in the same breath
right after saying sth suggesting the opposite intention/meaning

"She praised my job and in the same breath suggested I resign."
last-ditch attempt/effort
a final attempt to achieve sth, which is not expected to succeed

"In a last-ditch attempt to save …"
find / meet one's match (in sb)
to meet sb who is equal to, or even better than one in strength, skill or intelligence

"She met her match in Fifi."
earn/get/score brownie points
to score points
scrape (the bottom of) the barrel
to use the worst people or things because there is no choice
eat crow
to say and show that one is sorry for a mistake that he/she made