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Give an example of a simple present verb
Susie eats her lunch.
Mary plays soccer everyday.
Give an excample of a simple past verb
Susie ate her lunch
Mary played soccer yesterday
Give an example of a simple future verb
Susie will eat her lunch
Give an example of a present perfect verb
Susie has eaten her luch
Give an example of a past perfect verb
Susie had eaten her lunch
Give an example of future perfect verb
Susie will have eaten her lunch
Give an example of a present progressive verb
Susie is eating her lunch
I am reading my book
We are talking about politics
Give an example of a past progressive verb
Susie was eating her lunch
Give an example of a future progressive verb
Susie will be eating her salad.
If you are searching a sentence and there is only one word as the verb what are the two options that that verb could be
1.)simple past
2.)simple present
In the present perfect what do you have to have before the main verb
have or has
In the past perfect what has to come before the main verb
In all of the future tenses what always is a part of the verb phrase
In the present progressive what are the three verbs that come before the main verb
In every progressive what does the main verb have to have at the end of it
In the past progressive what is the verb that becomes before the main verb
In the future progressive what does it have to have in the verb phrase
will be ing (verb)