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a. Able to dissolve or eat away by chemical action.

b. Sharp and biting

S: corrosive, keen, cutting, stinging, tart, pungent, trenchant, mordant, astringent, acidulous, sarcastic, sardonic, acrimonious, venomous, asperity, acrimony, mordancy, acerbity, sarcasm

A: mild, bland, amiable, good-natured, charitable, sweet, sugary, honeyed, saccharine
a. An official who examines works of literature, films, and the like for things considered to be immoral, offensive, or dangerous, and who is empowered to prohibit or remove this material.

b. To examine for and remove objectionable material.

S: expurgator, bowdlerizer, comstockery, Grundyism, excise, delete, expunge
a. Open and strong criticism or disapproval.

b. To criticize severely; to disapprove strongly.

S:rebuke, reprimand, reproof, reprehend, condemn, upbraid, chastise

A: praise, commendation, approval, approbation, laud, extol, applaud, meritorious
a. Irritation, embarrassment, or humiliation caused by disappointment of frustration.

b. To cause such a feeling

S: vexation, annoyance, mortification, vex, annoy mortify, abash

A: jubilation, exultation, delight, exhilaration, elation, elate
Anyone who claims to have skills or knowledge that he or she doesn't possess.

S: impostor, quack, mountebank, humbug, fraud, faker
Continuing over a long period of time or recurring often

S: long-lasting, prolonged, continual, constant, habitual, inveterate, confirmed, deep-rooted, ingrained, perennial, recurrent.

A: transitory, transient, evanescent, ephemeral, sporadic, occasional
Indirect or roundabout; long-winded.

S: winding, meandering, rambling, sinuous, devious, oblique, circumlocutory, periphrastic, digressive.

A: direct, undeviating, unswerving, straightforward, unveering
Cautious or prudent, especially in regard to the consequences of actions or statements; tactful.

S: careful, watchful, vigilant, guarded, wary, chary, leery, discreet, politic, diplomatic, judicious

A: careless, imprudent, incautious, heedless, rash, reckless, foolhardy, brash, precipitate, indiscreet, tactless
To get around or avoid, especially by trickery or deception.

S: by-pass, skirt, evade, sidestep, dodge, duck

A: obey, observe, comply with, respect, abide by
Concealed from view so as to hide one's purpose.

S: surreptitious, covert, furtive, stealthy, underhanded

A: open, undisguised, overt, manifest, obvious, avowed
To force someone to do something against his or her will by using undue pressure, threats, intimidation, or physical violence.

S: constrain, compel, pressure, bulldoze, dragoon, hector, browbeat, cow
Forceful and convincing: to the point.

S: powerful, potent, effective, telling, persuasive, compelling, valid, sound, relevant, pertinent, apposite, germane, apropos

A: weak, ineffective, unconvincing, frivolous, inane, invalid, untenable, irrelevant
To hold or stick together; to fit together into an orderly, logical, and unified whole.

S: coalesce, combine, gel

A: separate, fall apart, come apart, come asunder, diverge, disperse, dissipate, diffuse, scatter, disjoint
a. To work together on some kind of joint project.

b. To cooperate with the enemy in some kind of treasonable activity.

S: cooperate, team up, join forces, pool one's efforts, intrigue, collude, conspire, partner, colleague, quisling

A: work by oneself, dissociate oneself from, part company with, take leave of
a. Capable of use with some other brand or model.

b. Capable of living or getting along together.

S: harmonious, agreeable, like-minded, consistent, congruous, parallel

A: incompatible, antagonistic, inconsistent, incongruous
Overly self-satisfied; smug.

S: content, self-content, pleased with oneself

A: dissatisfied, discontent, malcontent
Saying a lot in a few words.

S: brief, compact, succinct, terse, laconic, summary, pithy

A: wordy, prolix, verbose, garrulous, loquacious, long-winded
To overlook or disregard an offense, thereby implying forgiveness, acceptance, or possibly approval of it.

S: ignore, close one's eyes to, turn a blind eye to, accept, countenance, stomach, tolerate

A: condemn, denounce, disapprove, deprecate, castigate, decry, revile
a. A conclusion based on inadequate evidence; a guess.

b. To conclude from inadequate evidence; to guess.

S: surmise, supposition, presumption, suspicion, inference, speculation, theory

A: fact, certainty, demonstrate, substantiate
A face-to-face encounter, usually suggesting a hostile or defiant attitude.

S: showdown, face-off, shoot-out
Someone with informed and discriminating judgment, especially in matters of art, literature, or taste.

S: expert, authority, specialist, pundit, savant, maven, devotee, judge, critic, arbiter, cognoscenti

A: beginner, novice, neophyte, greenhorn, tenderfoot, tyro, amateur, dilettante
Collective uniformity of opinion, general agreement of feeling or belief.

S: unanimity, like-mindedness, concord, harmony, accord, unity, concurrence

A: discord, disagreement, disunity, disharmony, dissent, conflict, diversity, dissidence
To analyze, explain, interpret, or understand.

S: deduce, infer, translate, gather, take to mean

A: misinterpret, misunderstand
a. Complete or perfect in the highest degree.

b. To bring to completion or perfection.

S: superlative, supreme, transcendent, surpassing, matchless, finished, total, masterful, virtuoso, clinch, conclude

A: mediocre, indifferent, run-of-the-mill, ordinary, inept, incompetent, inadequate, begin, start, initiate, launch
Large in number or quantity; full.

S: abundant, plentiful, ample, bountiful, bounteous, profuse, lavish, numberous, extensive, comprehensive.

A: meager, scanty, scarce, sparse, inadequate, insufficient, empty, vacant, vacuous, barren
Fat and bulky

S: chubby, plump, husky, burly, portly, stout, rotund, obese.

A: lean, lanky, thin, wiry, scrawny, gaunt
To confirm the truth or accuracy of.

S: verify, substantiate, support, back up, bear out

A: contradict, refute, rebut, confute, discredit, impugn
a. Advice secured through consultation

b. An adviser, especially a legal advisor.

c. To advise or recommend as a course of action.

S: guidance, direction ,recommendation, attorney, lawyer, urge, exhort, admonish, caution
The ability to inspire belief or trust.

S: reliability, believability, plausibility, trustworthiness, dependability.

A: unreliability, undependability
A standard or principle on which to base a judgment or decision.

S: yardstick, touchstone, guideline, gauge, canon, rule
At a point that will determine the final outcome; of supreme importance.

S: critical, decisive, momentous, pivotal, vital

A: insignificant, unimportant, inconsequential
At fault; blameworthy.

S: guilty, delinquent, peccant, wanting, blamable, censurable, reprehensible

A: innocent, blameless, laudable, commendable, meritorious, praiseworthy
Hasty and superficial

S: hurried, perfunctory, quick, summary, careless, unmethodical, casual, slapdash

A: thorough, exhaustive, comprehensive, in-depth, systematic, painstaking, careful, meticulous
To shorten or reduce.

S: abridge, abbreviate, truncate, lessen, diminish, cut short, cut back, dock, pare down, trim

A: increase, enlarge, augment, amplify, expand, extend
Inclined to doubt or deny the virtuousness or honesty of human motives; sneeringly bitter or negative.

S: skeptical, suspicious, doubtful, pessimistic, misanthropic, derisive, scornful, caustic, sardonic, acerbic

A: optimistic, sanguine, positive, naive, starry-eyed, romantic, idealistic
a. A flaw or shortcoming

b. To desert one country, cause or the like for another

S: blemish, fault, imperfection, weakness, failing, bug, kink, abandon, forsake, bolt, repudiate, disown, abjure
a. To put off or postpone

b. To yield courteously to the wishes or judgments of someone else.

S: delay, table shelve, hold off on, put on ice, put on a back burner, bow to, give way to, accede to

A: expedite, facilitate, hasten, spurn, disdain, reject
In very low spirits

S: sad, blue, depressed, gloomy, despondent, melancholy, morose, downcast, dispirited, disheartened

A: happy, merry, elated, exultant, jubilant
To strike out or remove

S: cancel, expunge, omit, efface, excise

A: retain, include, add, insert
To make an accurate line drawing or diagram of; to portray or describe in detail.

S: picture, depict, set forth, sketch, etch
a. Neglectful of a duty or obligation; seriously overdue

b. A person who fails to perform a duty; an offender

S: remiss, derelict, negligent, owing, outstanding, unsettled, scofflaw, malefactor, wrongdoer

A: punctilious, scrupulous, dutiful, conscientious, meticulous, paid up
To mislead or deceive

S: dupe, gull, cozen, hoodwink, trick, beguile
Modest and reserved in dress, manner, or behavior

S: sedate, prim, decorous, seemly, staid, diffident, shy, self-effacing, coy

A: bold, forward, immodest, assertive, aggressive, jaunty, bumptious
The point at which the plot a novel or drama is finally resolved; the outcome or solution of a complex sequence of events.

S: unraveling of a plot, disentanglement, climax, final solution, final issue
Shifting from one thing to another without reason or purpose; haphazard or random.

S: fitful, erratic, spasmodic, intermittent, aimless, rambling, disconnected, unmethodical

A: constant, concentrated, steadfast, methodical, systematic, painstaking
a. To move away from, especially what is considered normal, right, or acceptable

b. A person who differs markedly in behavior, belief, or attitude from what is accepted as normal or proper.

S: diverge, veer, swerve, stray, wander, ramble ,digress, nonconformist, maverick, oddball, heretic

A: conform to, stick to, abide by, adhere to, conformist, traditionalist
Empty; lacking in.

S: destitute, bereft, wanting, deficient, barren

A: replete, fraught, saturated, full, teeming, bursting, stuffed
Deeply religious, earnest, or sincere

S: pious, faithful, reverent, ardent, zealous

A: irreligious, unreligious, unfaithful, irreverent, lukewarm, tepid
Skillful in using one's hands or mind; clever.

S: handy, adroit, deft, adept, proficient

A: awkward, clumsy, gauche, inept, maladroit
Neatly and stylishly dressed.

S: natty, smart, spruce, stylish, chic

A: unkempt, sloppy, slovenly, shabby, seedy, dowdy, blousy, frowsy, frumpy
Fallen into disrepair or partial ruin, usually through neglect.

S: deteriorated, run-down, decaying, decrepit, rickety, ramshackle, dingy, seedy, sleazy

A: well kept up, well maintained, shipshape, unspoiled, undamaged
Inclined to put things off; intended to postpone something.

S: late, tardy, slow, behindhand, laggard, dawdling, procrastinating, sluggish, lackadaisical, lethargic, dilly-dallying, shilly, shallying, temporizing
Hardworking; thorough and persistent.

S: assiduous, sedulous, indefatigable

A: lazy, slothful, indolent, perfunctory, cursory
a. Dreadful or disastrous, bleak or cheerless.

b. Urgent

S: calamitous, fatal, woeful, grievous, horrendous, dismal, somber, gloomy, pressing, desperate, extreme

A: salutary, beneficial, salubrious, mild, gentle, inconsequential, insignificant
a. To defeat or frustrate completely

b. To perplex, confuse, or embarrass completely.

S: rout, trounce, drub, thwart, foil, baffle, nonplus, abash, disconcert, fluster

A: lose to, reassure
a. An oral exchange of ideas or conversation; a lengthy discussion, either written or spoken.

b. To talk about or discuss at length.

S: treatise, dissertation, sermon, lecture, talk, colloquy, enlarge, expand, expatiate, descant

A: summary, abstract, precis, synopsis, summarize, synopsize, outline, sketch
a. To distinguish between two or more things, often by perceiving minute differences.

b. To behave unfairly toward a person or group because of prejudice.

S: differentiate, discern, perspicacity, acumen, perceptiveness, discernment, favoritism, bias, prejudice, bigotry
To speak slightingly of or undervalue.

S: belittle, depreciate, derogate, decry, underrate, run down, minimize

A: exaggerate, magnify, increase, enhance, extol, laud, eulogize
Difference or inequality, as of age, character, or quality.

S: disproportion, dissimilarity, inconsistency

A: parity, likeness, similarity, equality
Deeply distressed or agitated.

S: frantic, anguished, overwrought, hysterical, distracted, perturbed, upset

A: calm, collected, composed, impassive
To make known; to make public.

S: reveal, disclose, impart

A: conceal, hide
Easy to manage, teach, train, or discipline.

S: submissive, tractable, obedient, amenable, compliant

A: headstrong, willful, perverse, intractable, unmanageable, obdurate
Inactive, as if in sleep; suspended in use, growth, or development.

S: latent, passive, inert, quiescent, torpid

A: active, vigorous, vibrant, volatile, explosive, thriving, flourishing
Violently forceful and swift; extreme.

S: powerful, strong, rigorous, potent, thorough, going, severe, stern, draconian

A: weak, feeble, ineffectual, halfhearted, gentle, restrained
Deliberate deception in speech or conduct.

S: guile, deceit, trickery, dissimulation, chicanery, imposture, sharp practice, double-dealing

A: honesty, integrity, uprightness, probity, plain dealing
a. Choosing what seems best from various sources.

b. One whose opinions and beliefs are drawn from various sources.

S: selective, synthesized

A: uniform, monolithic
Worn out or exhausted; marked by weakness, self-indulgence or decadence.

S: spent, burned-out, decadent, barren, sterile

A: vigorous, energetic, dynamic, productive, fertile, flourishing, prolific
Capable of producing the desired effect.

S: effective, effectual, efficient, powerful, potent

A: ineffective, ineffectual, in efficient, unserviceable, useless, inadequate
Shameless boldness.

S: audacity, impertinence, temerity, gall, nerve, cheek, chutzpah, presumption

A: timidity, shyness, meekness, modesty, diffidence
To draw out or call forth.

S: evoke, prompt, extract, educe, produce
a. A highly select group of superior individuals.

b. Select; superior

S: privileged class, privileged few, aristocracy, nobility, upper crust, cream of the crop, creme de la creme, choice, exclusive, first class, topnotch, top-drawer, A-one

A: masses, common herd, proletariat, hoi polloi, rank and file, rabble riffraff, dregs of society
Wasted or reduced by starvation, disease, or the like.

S: gaunt, haggard, shriveled, withered, skeletal, undernourished

A: fat, chubby, plump, corpulent, obese
a. To flow out of

b. To send forth.

S: flow from, proceed from, spring, originate, emerge, emit, project, give off, issue

A: soak up, absorb, draw in, attract
To decorate or enhance.

S: adorn, dress up, spruce up, gussy up, garnish

A: mar, deface, disfigure
a. High in rank, distinguished

b. Outstanding; conspicuous.

S: prominent, renowned, illustrious, notable, great, noteworthy, remarkable, marked

A: obscure, lowly, undistinguished, unremarkable
A sympathetic understanding of, or identification with, the feelings, thoughts, and attitudes of someone or something else.

S: sympathy, compassion

A: insensitivity, callousness, lack of understanding or appreciation
To try to equal or excel the excellence of.

S: imitate, match, rival, follow, mirror, take after
a. A country or area lying wholly within the boundaries of another country or area.

b. A separate group or community within a larger group or community.

S: enclosure, precinct
Peculiar to a particular locality or group of people.

S: indigenous, native

A: alien, extraneous, foreign
a. An intentionally obscure statement; a riddle.

b. Someone or something that is puzzling or mysterious.

S: mystery, puzzle, conundrum dilemma, brainteaser, mind-boggler
To lead on by arousing hope or desire.

S: tempt, lure, allure, coax, inveigle, beguile, seduce

A: repel, repulse, scar off, frighten away
To ask or petition earnestly.

S: implore, beg, beseech, plead for, urge, importune, press for
To have a mental image of something, especially when the thing does not yet exist; to conceive of.

S: envision, visualize, picture, imagine
a. A word of phrase used to describe or characterize someone or something.

b. A term of abuse or contempt.

S: characterization, designation, appellation, label, nickname, moniker, handle, curse, oath, obscenity
Calmness or evenness of temper.

S: composure, self-composure, placidity, tranquility, serenity, sangfroid, unexcitability, imperturbability, unflappability, self-possession, nonchalance

A: excitability, fretfulness, agitation, distress, hysteria
Fair or just.

S: impartial, unbaised, evenhanded

A: unfair, unjust, biased, partial, unreasonable, lopsided, one-sided, uneven
Deeply learned, especially in a specialized area.

S: scholarly, profound, knowledgeable, informed

A: ignorant, uninformed
a. Understood by or intended for only a select few.

b. Difficult to understand

S: occult, secret, confidential, private, mysterious, abstruse, recondite, arcane, incomprehensible, unfathomable, cryptic, inscrutable, impenetrable

A: popular, exoteric, intelligible, accessible, crystal-clear, comprehensible
In accordance with accepted principles of right and wrong.

S: moral, virtuous, honorable, decent, upright, honest, rightout, principled, correct, proper

A: unfair, unjust, immoral, unscrupulous, dishonorable,discreditable, unsportsmanlike, unprofessional
Relating to a small but distinct social group within the population.
The substitution of a relatively inoffensive term for one that is considered too harsh, unpleasant, or blunt.
To increase the bitterness or severity of; to irritate.

S: aggravate, worsen, intensify

A: lessen, moderate, temper, mitigate, mollify, allay, assuage, soothe, alleviate, palliate
To elevate in power, position, character, or the like.

S: ennoble, uplift, upgrade

A: debase, degrade, demote, humble, abase
a. Worthy of imitation.

b. Serving as a model, illustration, or warning.

S: model sterling, commendable, meritorious, laudable, paragon, epitome, archetype, prototype
A state of urgency or a situation demanding immediate attention; the pressing needs caused by such a crisis.

S: emergency, crisis, needs, demands, requirements