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*heroine and narrator
*wishes for a home of her own
sexually bold and glamorous to Esperanza
-not a good friend to Esperanza
-abandons Esperanza to go off w/ boys
*runs off to marry a man before 8th grade who won't let her see her friends or leave the house
Aunt Lupe
*old, blind, and bed-ridden
*listens to Esperanza's poems
Cathy Queen of Cats
*Esperanza's first friend
*moves out only a week after Esperanza moves in
*Mexican man Marin meets at a dance
-dies in a car accident
-no one knows anything about him
*asked Esperanza about her house
-embarrassing to Esperanza
*Esperanza's little sister
-an embarrassment to Esperanza
*husband locks her in their apartment so she won't run off
-sends money down on a clothesline to Esperanza and her friends so they can buy her sweet juices from the convenience store
*wildly unhappy
-never learns English or leaves her 3rd-floor apartment
*has fiance in Puerto Rico but dreams about being w/ American men
*teaches Esperanza about the world of boys
Meme Ortiz
-real name is Juan
-has a dog w/ 2 names
Esperanza's name
*means "hope" in Spanish
-"In Spanish it means too many words"
-"It means sadness, it means waiting."
-great grandmother's name
*can never be shortened
-unlike Magdalena who becomes Nenny
Four Skinny Trees
"They are the only ones who understand me."
-skinny necks and pointy elbows like Esperanza's
-do not belong here but are here

"Their strength is secret."
-never quit their anger
"Four whose only reason is to be and be."
The First Job
*Aunt Lala found a job for Esperanza at the Peter Pan Photo Finishers
-had to lie and say she was one year older
*The First Day
-sat by herself at lunch; didn't know when to sit down or if she was allowed
*Oriental man said she could sit w/ him at lunch
-he said it was his birthday and wanted a birthday kiss
-grabs her face and kisses her hard and doesn't let go
The Monkey Garden
*the monkey moved to Kentucky w/ his family
-such a relief
*Esperanza and friends took over garden
-beautiful flowers, spiders, lots of cars
"Things had a way of disappearing."
-this was the reason they went there
*this is where Esperanza wanted to die
*Sally said she was too old for all these games