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washington irving
the devil and tom walker
james fenimore cooper
the deerslayer
william cullen bryant
to a waterfowl, thanatopsis
edgar allen poe
the raven, bells, fall of the house of usher
ralph waldo emerson
nature, self relience, the journals, fate
henry David Thoreau
where i lived and what i lived for, brute neighbors,
nathaniel hawthorne
the ministers black veil, dr. heidegger's experiment
herman melville
moby dick, the maldive shark
henry wadsworth longfellow
the tide rises, the tide falls, evangeline, nature,
john greenleaf whittier
oliver wendell holmes
old ironsides, the chamberd nautilus
james russell lowell
the courtin'
emily dickinson
i never saw a moor, some keep the sabbath going to church
walt whitman
one's self i sing, song of myself, beat! beat! drums, reconciliation
fredrick douglass
my bondage and my freedom
Abrahman Lincoln
the gettysburg adress
robert e lee
letter to his son
cheif joseph
the surrend speech of cheif joseph
henry timrod
(poet lauriet) ode to the confederacy
sindey lanier
song of the chattahoochee
mark twian
the notorious jumping frog of calaveras county, life on the mississippi, adventres of huckleberry finn
bret harte
the outcasts at poker flat
stephane crane
the open boat, war is kind, RBOC
willa cather
the sculptors funeral
jack london
to build a fire
edwin arlington robinson
richard cory, miniver cheevey, mr. flood's party
edgar lee masters
george gray, lucinda matlock, fiddler jones,
sherwood anderson
f scott fitzgerld
winter dreams, great gats
ernet hemingway
in another country
john steinbeck
eudora welty
a worn path
robert frost
the road not taken, mending wall, fire and ice, stopping by the woods on a snowy evening
carl sandburg
chicago, grass
ezra pound
in a station of the metro, fan-peice for her imperial lord,
william carlos williams
the red wheelbarrow, the dance, poem
amy lowell
wind and silver
john gould fletcher
the skaters
wallace stevens
anecdote of the jar, disillusionment at 10 oclock
T.S. eliot
the love song of alred j prufrock
edna st. vincent millay
god's world, on hearing a symphony of beethoven
archiblad macleish
ars poetica, the end of the world
langston hughes
the negro speaks of rivers
W.H. Auden
the unknown citizen
Theodore Roethke
the pike