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18th century, artistic and intellectual movement. Stressed strong emotions, imagination, and freedoms
Neo- Romanticism
Opposition to naturalism, adds feeling and internal observation. Characteristic themes include longing for perfect love, utopian landscapes, nature reclaiming ruins, romantic death, and history-in-landscape. Lacks adequate conception of truth.
French Naturalism
Movement in theater, film, and literature that seeks to replicate a believable everyday reality.
Heroic comedy
A literary work with an honorable protagonist with a flaw within a romanticized comedy.
Seeks to replicate a believable everyday reality
Feminist Criticism
Examines gender politics in works and traces the subtle construction of masculinity and femininity, their relative status, positioning, and marginalization with works.
Representation of common life, focuses on individual in their social environment.
Emphasis on imagination and emotions. Focused on enthusiasm for nature. The individual as a unique and creative being.
General protest to the state of culture at the time. Emerson, Thoreau, Fuller
The practice of representing things by means of symbols, significance to objects, events, or relationships.
Close readings
Not only understanding the meaning of individual printed words but making yourself sensitive to all nuisances and connotations
Situations or characters that often posses some cringe inducing qualities typically racial bigotry and egotistical self.
The sovereign favor of God for humankind especially in regards to salvation.
Poem of hero taking a long journey
Epic Hero
Has powers and society admires and often wishes to emulate
General pattern of adventures that mythological heroes encounter during quest
A myth is often thought to be a lesson in story form which has deep explanatory or symbolic resonance for preliterate cultures.
Myth Criticism
Attempts to bring out the cultural myths underlying literature. Explores nature, function, and significance of ancient images, or archetypal patterns
Ur Text
believed to be the primordial language that, when said correctly, physically manifests what is said.
Antithesis of a utopian society. Characterized by extreme governmental tyranny and exploitation of the people.
Hypothetical perfect society.
Term used in describing a women utopia
deals with themes of responsibility toward nature's web of life and planet earth.
Commitment to the search for truth and morality thru human means in support of human interests.
Theory of socialism which states that the oppression of the working class will eventually lead to a revolt by the workers.
writing that reflects life as it seems to the common reader. Rooted in post darwinian biology.
Religion; law of one's being; righteousness, Code of religion and morals.
Coming to awareness and realization of the truth after being ignorant and aware of it.
State of enlightenment, in which the causes of rebirth are eliminated.
Eightfold path
"Right views,intention,speech,action, livelihood,effort, mindfulness,&concentration" which are sometimes further reduced to wisdom, morality, and meditation.
4 Noble Truths
First teaching given by buddha. The truth of suffering, the cause of suffering, the end of suffering, and the path to end suffering.