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PURITANISM (general)
Started with pilgrims in 1620; wanted fundemental change in church of england
-withdrew, and settled in Plymouth County, Mass.
* Humans exist for the glory of God
* Bible is the sole expression of God's will
* Originalism
examples of puritan writing
No fiction or drama (sinful)
consisted of sermons, hymns, theological studies, etc.
poetry ok for spiritual enlightenment
more emphasis on the message
God's will is plain and unadorned
18th century: american revolution

-emphasized reason over faith
-did not believe in the afterlife
-also believed people were good by nature as opposed to Puritans who saw all people as evil.
-moved away from private writing/thinking and toward public/political.
- Ex: Otis, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin (Ben Franklin and the Gout)
Arthur Miller
Author of the Crucible (during the red scare)
people afraid of commies taking over america
New York: becoming an american literary froneir
-all four major authors lived there (Irving, Cooper, Bryant, and Poe)