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Anglo Saxon period
origin of English
Length of Roman control
400 years
How man could transcend fate
by becoming famous and having their story passed down
Meaning of the sign in Conversion on King Edwin
the laying onof hands is a ceremony for transmitting spiritual grace to recipient
Edwin's reward for conversion
he will be delivered from the everlasting torments fo the wicked and also made a partaker with God of HIs eternal kingdom of Heaven
What type of story is the Conversion of King Edwin?
Device in Story of Caedmon
once when he left the feast... he went to the cattle shed: allusion to shed where Jesus was born
Wife's Lament author and wife's husband
anonyomous, an outcast
Length of Medival period
battle of Hastings
with the support of the Church, Duke William invaded england in Sept. of 1066 and defeated Harold at the Battle of Hastings, the Normans killed most of the Native English nobility, subjugated the rest of the populace, and divided the country into estates
the system by which Europe was ruled throughout the Medieval age. IN feudal states, all people and land belonged to the KIng who granted large tracts of land to nobility and barons. At te very bottom of the social ladder were bondsmen, peasants, villians and serfs who lived on and worked on the nobles' land
purpose of crusades
holy wars to recapture Jerusalem from the Moslems
Magna Carta
King John was forced to sign this document in 1215, which limited the rights of the king after he taxed Barons so heavily. It made him subject to the rulings of the baronial Parliament, and guarenteed trial by jury of one's peers
Chief learning centers in Medieval period
morality plays
a type of drama developed during the medieval period. Example: Everyman. They represented abstract values and vices as characters
songs of the common people. Simple narratives in four line stanzas that served as entertainment and a record of events
Pardoner's tale Quotes
-The maid their bargain, swore with appetite
-sit down and let's be merry
Sir Patrick Spens quote
o wha is this has don this deid
bonny barbara allan quote
since my love died for me today, I'll die for him tomorrow
wife of Usher's well quote
and their hats were made o' the birk
Last Kiss quote
She's gone to Heaven so I've got to be good
Maxwell's silver hammar quote
Rose and Valerie screaming from the gallery
Pardoner's tale plot summary
COffin carried through town. Death (the plague) is coming for everyone. 3 Friends decide to find death. Meet old man on journey, whoe they assault b/c he's old. OLd man was on journey to find someone to trade ages w/him. so he could be young again. AFter beating, the 3 guys are told that Death passed by and went near tree. At tree, friends find gold. One of them decides they can't go back to town carrying the gold b/c they'll be thought of as thieves. Sraw lots and youngest is sent to get bread.The two plot to kill the youngest. While youngest is off he thinks he can kill the others by giving them rat poisoned wine bottles and keep money for himself. His friends attack and kill him. Then the two drink the poisoned wine and die. Nobody gets fortune.
Climax of Pardoner's Tale
when 2 friends kill youngest
Pardoner's tale type of story
theme of Pardoner's tale
greed leads to destruction
Source of Ballads
medieval period, common people continued oral tradition potery and songs
topics of ballads
important events and people, love betrayal, tragedies
characteristics of ballads
simple narratives, 4 line stanzas
Sir Patrick Spens (general storyline)
King asks for best sailor, who is Patrick. But he does not want to go on King's ship because he knows a storm is coming and that he won't survive. But he goes anyways and lands up halfway to Aberdine 50 fathoms deep.
Bonny Barbara Allan (general storyline)
Lover gets drunk and insults Barbara. She refuses to see him at all despite him being sick. He dies from his illness and she feels guilty, so she commits suicide
Wife of Usher's Well (general storyline)
Woman's 3 sons drown, woman prays to St. Martin. Sons return from heaven for a night. But they have to return before dawn or they will endure pain.
Maxwell's silver hammar (general storyline)
Maxwell asks Joan, a science studentout on a date. WHen he shows up, he kills her. Teacher becomes annoyed with Maxwell in Class and asks him to stay after class. When teacher turns back, he kills her. Maxwell goes to trial, judge want's to put him in jail, but not before max kills him.
Elizabethan age (renaissance)
leaders of elizabethan age
King Henry VII, King Henry VIII, Mary, Elizabeth,James I
events of elizabethan age
collapse of feudalism, Protestant reformation, end of monastaries, persecution of non protestants, persecution of protestants, Guy Fawkes Day
Henry VIII wives
1. catherine of Aragorn (spanish, catholic has one child)
2. Anne boleyn- promises son but has a daughter
3. Jane seymour- has son
sonnet 75 main idea
immortality in poetry
ecclesiasties main idea
life of man
song of cecilia gustatory imagery
"Or leave a kis but in the cup, and I'll not look for wine"
song of cecilia olfactory imagery
"since when it grows and smells, I swear, not of life itself, but thee"
psalm 23 main idea
trust in god
Salve Deus?Eve's apology (why eve gave fruit)
share knowledge with Adam
Passionate Shepherd to his love (promises)
unrealistic promises
nymph's reply (accusation)
none of the shepherd's promises will last
nymph'e reply image of time
sonnet 18 metaphor
eye of heaven- sun
sonnet 29 image of lark
day rising- makes him happy
sonnet 30 tone
sonnet 73 images and symbols
autumn, twilight, glowing embers

=death's approach
sonnet 130 topic
satirizing court poets
sonnet 130 main idea
mistresses' beauty cannot compare
# of plays shakespeare wrote
Shakespeare's theatres
Black Friars and the GLobe
setting of Macbeth
scotland 1040
how witches influence Macbeth
make him overly confident and ambitious for crown, eventually makes him paranoid
what Macbeth lacks according to wife
tragic flaws of Macbeth
overly ambitious and confident, lack of judgement
tragic flaws of Lady Macbeth
ambition and desire to unsex self
what macbeth sees befor murder
why lady macbeth doesn't murder
sees father in duncan
why macbeth raves at empty chair
thinks he sees banquo's ghost
why lady macduff calls husband traitor
b/c he never shows up for coronation or back to their family
how malcolm tests macduff's loyalty
says he has more vices than Macbeth
brief candle
"out, out brief candle" refes to Lady Macbeth's death... losing her life
tomorrow speech
life is meaningless
holy sonnet 10 device in adressing death
meditation 17 decice
no man is an island
central image in meditation 17
to his coy mistress= meaning in last line
we can't make time stand still
corrina device
how Aurora throws her fair... allusion
Lucasta theme
without honor there can't be love
althea- type of poem
John anderson- We climb the hill together
metaphor of experience of life together
world is too much- concept of religion
she dwelt... main idea
mourning death of sister
rime of ancient mariner's albatross stands for?
good luck
onomatoepeia in Rime of ancient Mariner
growled and roared
Ozymandieas' title
means Ramses II
Ozymandias meaning of poem
thought immortal but not
WHen I have fears type of imager
agricultural (visual)
She walk... first line description
simile describes beauty
London- name tragedies that occur
new born's blindness and Newly weds' death by plague
casabianca- main idea
devotion and loyalty to father
describes real and symbolic tiger (evil)
lamb- what is it?
innocence, a real lamb and Jesus
Lady of Shallot
Famous work
origin of story
how knights react to death and Lancelot's response
How do we know she's in the towers?
Alfred Tennyson
Idyls of the King
Mirror cracks
Elaine from King Arthur
they cross themselves
she sings
"I am holy sick with shadows"
kind of poem
main idea of poem
dramatic monologue
I am become a name famous
travel one last time
to rust unburnished, not to shine in use
"to strive to seek to find"
IN memoriam
written to?
elegiac lyric
Arthur Hallam
Tis better tan to loved than to have lost
4 winds
O last regret
flower in crannied wall
main idea
if i could find the meaning of life i would know everything
i should know what man and god is
my last dutchess
kind of poem and verse form
identify speaker
story behind poem
Robert Browning
dramatic mono; rhyming couplets
Alfonso II, duke of Ferrara
man married girl from Florence of Matachelli family and many believed she was murdered
LHalf hush that diesalong her throat: such stuff was courtesy"
Neptune=duke seahorse=girl
Dover Beach
Matthew Arnold
england cliffs
loss of religious faith
"ah love, let us be true"
heard on the Aegean sea
darkling thrush
purpose for writing
what thrush does
season and device
thomas hardy
disallusionment with age
it dies
winter, metaphor for death
"Dregs made desolate, eye of day"
channel firing
meaning of title
main device
mad as hatters
gunnery practiced on english channel
mercury was used to stuff hats
stourton towers, camelot, stonehenge
man he killed
main id
ex of diction
i shot him dead because he was my foe
he joined just b/c was out of work
God's Grandeur
how optimism shown
nature never runs out
holy ghost over the bent..
man's smudge and shared man's smell: the soil
sacred with trade; bleared, smeared with toil
pied beauty
main idea
who is being praised
beauty in all of god's creations
landscape plotted and pieced
he feathers forth...
Spring and Fall
who is adressed
types of rhyme
main idea
masc. and fem.
man's mortality
man was born to die
to an athlete
type of device
laurels- victory
when I was 21
advice and what happened
don't give heart away, gives it away
Loveliest of Trees
kind of tree
age of speakers
three score years and ten
three score years and ten
Promises like Pie Crust
main idea
poet turned down what?
device of title?
let's be friends
2 marriage proposals
A birthday
main device
poet's second birthday
falling in love
sonnet 43
number of ways loved
main device
how poem ends
let's be friends
through the looking glass
author's real name
for whom and why
Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
Alice Lidell, entertainment (affair)
Walrus and Carpenter
source of poem
symbol of oysters
Through the Looking Glass