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What was Catherine Called Birdy about
a medieval girl who refused to get married hated to sew,write and listen to her father
What was two main themes of the book
One is to fight for what you believe in but also know when to stop
What was Cathrine like at the beggining of the book
She was clever,tricky but also stubborn(would not do what people asked her to)
What was Catherine like at the end of the book
She starts acepting her situaton more
Give an example of a plural noun
Give an example of a plural verb
sing, dance,play,forgie,rest,yell,scream,swing
Give an example of a singular verb
Give an example of the subject and the verb not agreeing
The girls eats their lunch.
Why is that wrong
because the subject and the verb are both plural
Give an example of the subject and verb agreeing
The science guy studies his answers
What is all of the plural sub. with a sing. verb or a singular sub. with a plural verb called
Subjct verb agreement