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Who wrote Shall I Compare Thee To A summers Day?
William Shakespeare
What is a Fixed Rhyme Skeme?
looking at the last letter or word of a line
What is a sonnet?
14 lines poem usually in iambic pentameter
2 parts divide by: octet(8) and a seset (6) = 14
What is Alliteration?
repeatition of a constance sounde, usually at the start of a word
What is Enjambment?
reading by punctuation, not by endlines
What is Connotation?
a words associated meanings
Who wrote My Last Duchess?
Robert Browning
Who Wrote the Kraken?
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Who wrote Ode on a Grecian Urn?
John Keats
Who wrote Delight in Disorder?
Robert Herrick
Who wrote Batter My Heart, three personed God, for you
John Donne
Who wrote O Captain my Captain?
Walt Whitman
What does Sacrilege mean?
a sin against God to kill
What are the two examples of love by Shakespeare?
love internally and love externally
What is an oxymoron?
seemingly contradictory phrase or pair of words. ex) jumbo shrimp
What is personificiation?
something non- human with human traits
What is the speaker?
the poems narrator, not the author
All symbols are...
opague multi layered, not having multiple levels
What is a metaphor?
a comparison not using "like" or "as"
What are Matthew Arnolds heights of cultural acheivements?
Gold, Silver, Bronze, Stone (meaning we are here and its hopeless)
What does Feliz Culpa mean?
"The Fortunate Fall" or fall from grace, meaning Adam and Eve
What are the stages of Death and Dying according to Elizabeth Ross?
Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance
What does Carpe diem mean?
"seize the day" or "live the moment"
Who wrote the Tyger?
William Blake
Who wrote the Lamb?
William Blake
What is Explication?
a line by line or word by word analysis of a poem
Who wrote To His Coy Mistress?
Andrew Marvell
What is Trochaic Rhythm?
What is Iambic Rhythm?
What is Dactylic Rhythm?
What is Panacea?
there is a cure for everything
Of the mordernism qualities, what is Religion?
believing God is dead, God is questioned
What are the six qualities of Modernism?
Psychology, Gender, Technology, Religion, Nature, Literature
of the modernism quality, what is gender?
there are role shifts, relating to the war
Who wrote Let me not to the marriage of true minds?
William Shakespeare
Who wrote A valediction: Forbidding Mourning?
John Donne
Who wrote Down Wanton Down?
Robert Graves
Who wrote Ozymandias?
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Who wrote A Martain Sends a postcard Home?
Craig Raine
Of the modernism qualities, what is literature?
experimental, there is a rise of blank verse
Who wrote the Collar?
George Herbert
Who wrote Because I Could not Stop for Death?
Emily Dickinson
Who wrote a Narrow Fellow in the grass?
Emily Dickinson
Who wrote leda and the swan?
W.B. Yeats
What is a hyperbole?
a gross overstatement or exageration
What is irony?
meaningful discrepancy
What are the types of symbols?
Simile or metaphor
What is a garden?
= renewal
rebirth, fertility, growth, religious overtones
What is a symbol?
a thing or image, usually recurring that stands for something else
of the modernism qualities, what is nature?
can be horrifying, Alfred Lord Tennyson explains
What is a simile?
a comparison using "like" or "as"
What is Deism?
religious beliefs of the age of reason
Who wrote the road not taken?
robert frost
who wrote the design?
robert frost
who wrote stopping by woods?
Robert Frost
Who wrote Anecdote of the Jar?
Wallace Stevens
Who wrote Dulce et Decorum Est?
Wilfred owen
Who wrote the red wheelbarrow?
William Carlos Williams
A seset...
gives the specifics
s- specifics
An octet...
starts with generalization
What is Emphatic Poetry?
"O" is said a lot
What are Blakes Songs?
Songs of Innonence, Songs of Experience
What are spheres?
where everything spins on the sphere around the earth
What is an Apostrophe?
address to absent figures or things
What is Free Verse?
no discerable rhythm or meter, but is still structured
What is Blank Verse?
an unrhymed iambic pentameter
Qualities of an English Sonnet...
3 Quatrains (4 lines) to start with
finishes with a couplet (2 lines)
Qualities of an Italian Sonnet...
ABBA, ABBA= Octet= 8
CDCDCD= seset= 6
What is Binary Opposition?
having to know the opposites
Who wrote Diving into the Wreck?
Adrienne Rich
Who wrote Do Not Go Gently Into the Night?
Dylan Thomas
What is a stanzA?
a poetic paragraph
What is a couplet?
a 2 line stanza
What is a Triplet?
A 3 lined Stanza
What is a Quatrain?
A four line stanza
What is a sestet?
A 6 line stanza
What is an octet?
an 8 line stanza
Qualities of Romanticism...
Subjective, Emotion, Individual Self, Pantheism, Country/ Rural, Nature is organic and a sense of inspiration, truth with a lowercase t
Qualities of the Age of Reason
Empiracism(objective), reason/ rational mind, community, science, Deism, City/Urban, Nature is for resources, Truth with a capitol T.
What is Spondaic Rhythm?
Who wrote Dover Beach?
Matthew Arnold
Who wrote When lilacs last in the dooryard bloomed?
Walt Whitman
Who wrote the lovesong of J Alfred Prufrock?
T.S. Eliot
Who wrote Harlem (A Dream Deferred)?
Langston Hughes
Who wrote Kubla Khan?
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
What is rhythm?
stresses at regular intervals
What does a stressed symbol look like?
What does an unstressed symbol look like?
What is Denotation?
a words exact meaning.
(dictionary meaning= D)
of modernism qualities, what is psychology?
Freud came along with the stratified self
of modernism qualities, what is technology?
influenced combat, kills more, harmful and negative
Who wrote the Flea?
John Donne
What is Meter?
counting the number of poetic beats in a line... ex)2- Dimeter, 6= hexameter