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What are the names of the 2 of the Households in Romeo and Juliet?
Montague and Capulet
Where does the story take place?
Verona, Mantua
Lady Capulet's Nephew
friend and cousin of Romeo
Montague Son
Prince of Verona
Capulet Servants
Sampson and Gregory
Montague Servants
Abram Balthasar
Loved By Romeo, but doesn't love Romeo
Relative of the Prince and friend of Romeo
Who is fighting at the beginning of the first scene? Who breaks up the fight?
Abram and Sampson (Servants)

Benvolio breaks up the fight
Benvolio and Montague discuss the way Romeo has been acting. What do they have to say about him?
He's depressed and won't do anything active.
What is Benvolio's advice to Romeo?
Go out and examine other girls
What does Paris ask about Capulet?
He wants to Marry his daughter, Juliet
What is Capulet's first answer?
No, She's too young, and they should wait a couple of summers.
What is Capulet's second answer?
As long as Juliet is up to it.
What problem does the servant have?
He can't read.
What is the name of the woman Romeo loves?
What do Romeo and Benvolio decide to do?
Crash the Capulet's party
In Scene 3, how old is Juliet?
What is Lammastide and what day does it occur on?
Christian Holiday on August 1st.
How does Juliet feel about Marriage when Lady Capulet asks her?
She says she's not ready for it.
Following Juliet's answer, what does Lady Capulet tell Juliet?
When she was Juliet's age, she already had a baby and Lady Capulet said people her age were happy and married with kids.