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What is the word in capital letters (as in PA, PN, DO, or IO)

Maureen ate Mindy's CAKE yesterday.
Direct object
it's an action verb so it has either a DO or an IO
Are the sentences transitive or intransitive?

I ran on Monday before school.
Jimmy touched my pet bear and it bit him.
1st one = intransitive

2nd one = transitive
What are the six types of pronouns?
Personal - I, you, we
Relative - that, who
Interrogative - which, whose
Possessive - his, hers, mine
Reflexive - himself, herself
Demonstrative - this, these
Acronym: Princess Rosalyn invited Prince Roman dancing.
Identify the subject, verb (phrase), and complement(s)

Cindy should have given Mitch a CD.
Cindy = subject
Should have given = verb phrase
Mitch = indirect object
CD = direct object
What are the two types of conjunctions? Examples?
Coordinating - and, for, but
Coorelative - either. . .or
they are both "C"s
Identify all the adverbs in the sentence.

Jasmine ran around the track very quickly.
very = adverb
quickly = adverb
there are 2
Should a comma be used in the following sentence?

Sharon will come if she finishes her homework?
No. "if she finishes her her homework" cannot stand on its own.
Should a comma be used in the following sentence?

Marcus likes to read and his mom buys him books.
Yes, "his mom buys him books" can stand on its own.