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The narrator of the story who tells of his rise to wealth, his desertion of his true friends for that wealth and a chance with Estella, and his humbling by his own arrogance. At the end of the story he has learned wealth does not bring happiness.
Pip (Phillip Pirrip)
The kind blacksmith married to Pip’s sister who is the moral reference point for most characters in the story.
Joe Gargery
Pip’s abusive older sister who constantly reminds Pip of all she has done for him, especially “raising him up by hand.”
Mrs. Joe Gargery
The young girl from Pip’s night classes who helps with Pip’s sister after the attack and later marries Joe. She is Pip’s early confidant and understands him well enough to see through him.
Joe’s pompous, self-important uncle who arranges for Pip to visit Miss Havisham’s house and who arrogantly assumes himself to be the reason for Pip’s good fortune.
Uncle Pumblechook
A clerk in Pip’s church who wants to be a clergyman but gives up and goes to London to be an actor.
Mr. Wopsle
The old woman who holds night classes for the village children and sleeps through the classes. Biddy is her granddaughter.
Mr. Wopsle's Great-Aunt
What are Pip's mom and dad's names who are both dead?
Phillip Pirrip and Georgiana
The strange, reclusive woman who was abandoned and swindled by her fiancé on her wedding day. She has raised Estella to exact revenge on all men.
Miss Havisham
The beautiful and haughty adopted daughter of Miss Havisham who taunts and attracts Pip. She does not know she is the daughter of criminals—Molly and Magwitch. She is trained to mistreat all men but after an abusive marriage grows to be a kinder person.
Miss Havisham’s toady relatives who pretend to care but are waiting to inherit her money. They resent Pip and see him as a threat. (name 3)
Camilla Pocket, Sarah Pocket, and Georgiana Pocket