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Sophocles 497-406 B.C. he wrote 127 plays only 7 exist. He won 24 times.
Theban trilogy Oedipus rex, Oedipus at colonus, and Antigone.
sister of Eteocles and Polyneices, she also goes against the rule and tries to bury Polyneices.
bother of Polyneices and Antigone, who was killed by Polyneices to rule Thebes.
the new king of Thebes.
he is the son of Creon who kills himself.
brings news of what happened to Haemon and Antigone.
tell their opinion of that scene and what it is about.
the sister of Eteocles and Polyneices, who does not want to break the law and bury the dead brother.
the brother of Polyneices and Antigone, who is killed but not buried.
wife of Creon.
he is the prophet who tells Creon to make things right.
the men who guard the dead body from others.
King’s best man.
Compare Ismene’s and Antigone’s reaction to Creon’s edict.
Antigone is not afraid of the king and therefore will go and bury Polyneices even if it means death. Ismene is scared and doesn’t want to bury Polyneices because she doesn’t want to lose her life over it.
What noble qualities does Antigone display?
That she is loyal to her family and respect the gods rules and follows them.
What faults does Antigone display?
She is careless, reckless and stubborn.
Describe Ismene’s character.
She is subordinate and timid like a person who fears for their life.
List the main conflicts of the play.
Bury the bodies and honor the gods. Don’t bury the bodies and follow the laws and disobey the gods. Antigone burying Polyneices and her punishment.
who will probably be the primary combatants?
Creon and Antigone.
Describe and discuss Creon’s philosophy of government as indicated in his address to the chorus.
Follow the best course openly talk about problems and public affairs.
how does Creon justify his refusal to grant Polyneices a proper burial?
By saying he was exiled and wanted to take Thebes and make them slaves.
tell the Sentry’s story in your own words.
That some one threw dust on the body when while they were sleeping and he is afraid he will be killed for this and that they removed the dust from the body.
Point out the humorous aspects of this scene.
The sentry babbles on and on in a mild panicked voice about what happened in a round about way. He tells how bad his luck is because he was chosen to tell the king and he finally tells the king what happened.
what character flaws does Creon reveal in this scene.
He gets very angry when he receives bad news and is impatient.
what subtle foreboding of tragedy is provided by the Chorus.
That the city is going to fall apart.
what is Antigone’s attitude throughout her confrontation with Creon, and is there any justification for such an attitude.
That she did it only to appease the gods, and yes.
why does Antigone refuse to permit Ismene to share responsibility for the deed? What is your reaction to the way she treats Ismene.
Because she didn’t help do it. I thought she treated her like an unwanted younger child.
describe Creon’s attitude in this scene. How does Antigone provoke him?
He is very angry and frustrated. She makes a mockery of him by saying that he is wrong and should honor the dead whether friend or enemy.
what indication of forthcoming trouble for Creon is given by the Chorus?
Mortal arrogance which is huburis which led to a not so nice fate.
give Haemon’s arguments in defense of Antigone, and Creon’s reaction to that argument. What opposing ideals are and Haemon upholding in their quarrel?
That she shouldn’t be punished for doing what the gods require. Creon gets mad and says that he is older and smarter. Haemon says she is not a criminal for obeying the gods. Creon says she broke his law that she should be punished.
In what two ways might Haemon’s threat be interpreted? What interpretation does Creon place on it?
That he will kill himself if Antigone dies or he will kill his father if Antigone dies. The father thinks that his son will kill himself.
what punishment does Creon decide to impose upon Antigone?
That she will be locked in a stone vault with food left to die.
why might Creon feel the need to absolve himself from her death?
He realizes that some of what his son said was true and therefore doesn’t want to make the gods angry.
what is the chorus’s conception of love?
That it is only meant to cause fighting.
according to the chorus, what has brought on Antigone’s fate?
Her stubbornness, fate and her father’s fault.
as Antigone is being led away, what reason does she give for wanting to bury her brother?
Wash him clean and poured ritual wine to let his soul go.
how has the prophet determined that the gods are unhappy with Creon?
They will not accept the offerings that are brought to them.
what advice does he give the ruler?
That he makes things right, bury Polyneices and set Antigone free.
what does Creon reveal about himself in making unfounded accusations against Teireseas?
That he cares nothing about the gods and their will.
what is the one thing Creon says he has learned?
That he can’t deny the gods.
what information does the messenger reveal?
That Heamon killed himself while trying to kill Creon, and that Antigone killed herself.
what is Creon’s anagnorisis? Does Creon have a tragic flaw? Explain.
That he disobeyed the gods and punished Antigone. Yes, he is rash and foolish.
who is the tragic figure in the play?