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1. Salient
Standing out from the rest
2. Droll
Amusing in an odd way, strangly comicle
3. Prodigious
b. Power, great huge or vast
4. Inure
b. Accustomed to
5. Calisthenics
b. Exercises preformed w/ out equipment
6. Effulgence
b. Radiance, shining brightness
7. Bantam
b. Small but aggressive
8. Opulentb.
b. Wealthy or rich, possesing
9. Reticent
b. Understated quality, unwilling to communicate, quiet
10. Aphorism
b. short statement
11. paraffin
a. type of wax
12. abashed
a. to make ashamed
13. sententiousness
a. energetic in expression
14. aesthetea.
a. lover of the arts
15. furlough
a. leave of absence
16. tacit
a. expressed without words
17. tether
a. a rope chain to tie something down
18. imperviousa.
a. incapable of being penetrated
19. bellicose
a. ready to fight
20. parry
a. to reflect or ward off