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WHat is an Antagonist?
A person or thing working against the protagonist, or hero, of a work.
What is a Protagonist?
The main character of a work; the plot revolves around him/her.
what is an author's purpose
his or her reason for creating a work.
what is a character?
some type of creature that does somethiong in a story.
what is dialogue?
words spoken in a work.
what is dialect?
a language spoken by a group of people or in a particular place.
What is plot?
events in order in a story.
what is the point of view?
the vantage point that the story is told from.
what is setting?
when and where the story takes place.
what is style?
THe author's own way of putting things
what is symbol
person, thing, place or event that represents something else.
what is theme?
What the author wants you to get from the story.
what is the expostition
the first part of a plot.