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American Dream
-poor to the riches
-self-improvement(education,social class, fame)
Meeting of Dan Cody
reinvents himself, gets the new name if Jay Gatsby, becomes rich
Love for Daisy
overpowering of his love for her kills him, he trys to impress her with his wealth and he cannot have her because she is married and criminal ways "Bootlegging".
Daisy and Tom representation according to Fiztgerald
they both felt that because they were wealthy they could do what ever they wanted with out severe consequences. They have the freedom.
Ambivilence of the rich according to fitzgerald
rich is a feature of Fitzgerlald life. Unlike Gatsby, Fitzgerald made his money by writing and not bootlegging like Gatsby.
Nick Carraway
represents Fitzgerald's attitudes towards the 1920s the "Roaring Twenties"
Passage of Time
Gatsby feels that he can relive the pass and win Daisy because of his wealth. Ironically Gatsby knocks over a clock at Nick's House. The song that Klipspringer talks about the fun that is no longer happening and that it was only a one time thing. "Ain't We Got Fun"
The Valley of Ashes
represents T.S. Elliot's Wasteland, implication of moral bankruptcy-no morals. Mrytle Toms Mistress. The Billboard which overlooks the valley, no one is really watching.
The East Eggers
Deal with Modernity/Materialism. Modernity- quality of being modern.
Lavish parties are used to draw people in, like a circus or carnival, and Tom's comment that Gatsby's car was a "circus wagon".
East Egg Vs. West Egg
East Egg is old money, families who have been rich together for many generations. They also viewed as more corrupt, having used and abused their position so long as to become jaded and cynical.
West Egg is home to the new rich, new money that has no "class" or sophistication, but sure know how to party.
East Coast Vs. Midwest
East Coast represents hedonism(pleasure seeking), fast-paced lifestyles, moral laxity and cynicism.
The Midwest is stable, morally upright, placid, a bit boring, but reliably moral.