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How many methods of characterization are there?
Describe the three things you need in onder for a something to be indirect
What the character says
what the character says and does
what the other characters think/ react
Desribe a flat and round character
flat - underdeveloped (nerd/geek)
round- complex
describe the difference between a static and dynamic character.
Static- character is unchanging
bynamic is changing
what are the five steps freytag's pyramid??
Exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution
What is theme?
Universal truth
or moral desciribing what people should do
What's the differnce between simile and metaphor?
simile is a comparison between 2 unlike things using "like" or " as"

Metaphor is an implied comparioson between 2 unlike objects
desribe 1st person point of view and 3rd person
1st ..narrowator
3rd character that knows everything
What's the major element of a plot?
In a plot desribe the internal AND external types of conflict
man vs. himself
man vs. man
man vs society
man vs nature
man vs fate
what is foreshadowing??
What is irony??
hinting at what would come later
and irony is opposites
describe what a participial, absolue, apposite, and prepostional phrase are.
participial is ing verb ---> noun
absoule noun --> ing verb
prepostional desribes position
appositive is supports/ modifies the noun
what is sybolism?
color, shapes, seasons, elements, etc
whose the main character in "To kill a mockingbird"?
the little girl
Whose the main character in " THe night"
Elie weisel
same as author