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What is Romanticism?
A literary & artistic movement of the 19th century, following the Age of Reason.
What are the 4 qualities of Romanticism?
1)Intuition over fact
2)Imagination over reason
3)Reverence for nature
4)Accent on mystery

"I Idealize Right Actions"-acronyms to help memorize the 4 qualities.
What is third-person omniscient point of view?

What are the characteristics of this perspective:
The point of view in which:
an all-knowing narrator relates the events of the story.

A narrator stands outside the action;

Details about the thoughts and feelings of all the characters;

The narrator's commentary about the events of the story.
What is characterization?

How is characterization achieved?
The author's way of developing a character through revealing the personality traits of his/her character.

Characterization is achieved through (1) direct characterization & (2) indirect characterization.
What is direct characterization?
The narrator tells the reader what the character is like.
What is indirect characterization?
The personality traits are revealed through the words, thoughts, & actions of the characters.
What were the cultural attitudes of New Englanders in the 1720s?
Attitudes (revealed from the story The Devil & Tom Walker)that mocks the New Englanders/Puritan values of outwardly being holy & against the devil, while overcharging their customers with high interest rates which bankrupt them. Also, Irving shows colonists attitudes regarding Native Americans by calling them "savages."
What is a single effect?
A certain, unique effect.
What were the single effects created by "The Fall of the House of Usher?"
Creative artist;

Isolation produces distorted reality;

Being in isolation w/ someone, who is distorted, can distort a normal person.
What are the qualities of the style of Emily Dickerson?
1)unusual capitalization/punctuation

2)brevity (shortness;briefness) of stanzas/lines

3)use of figurative language
Why do poets use rhyme?
To (1)create pleasant musical sounds;
(2)to unify groups of lines & stanzas.
What is exact rhyme?
When 2 words have identical sounds in their final accented syllables; end sounds are identical.
What is slant rhyme?
The final/end sounds are similar, but not identical.
What are the qualities of the style of Walt Whitman?
(1)use of cataloguing

(2)use of parallelism

(3)use of free verse