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Author of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
Mildred Taylor
Author of The Secret Garden
Frances Burnett
Author of Charlotte's Web
E.B. White
Author of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
J.K. Rowling
Author of Treature Island
Robert Louis Stevenson
Author of Little Women
Louisa May Alcott
Thesis for: Physical violence is a frequent concern of children's literature. Comapre the nature and significance of violence in Treasure Island and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. In particular, what sorts of evils or problems does violence reflect, and how does it shape the situation, character, and beliefs of the child by the end of the story?
In both Treasure Island and Harry Potter, the violence is part of a world of which neither Jim nor Harry are initially aware, but each of them loses that naivety over the course of the story, ultimately using the same violence on others as was threatened against them earlier, an action marking the change they have undergone throughout the story.
Thesis for: A domesticated landscape is an important presence in The Secret Garden and Charlotte's Web. Comapre the significance of the landscape for the child characters in those novels. What qualities or values, in other words, does the landscape most prominently evoke, and how does the child's experience of the landscape help to shape - or at least to reflect - the child's development towards maturity?
The domesticated landscape in both The Secret Garden and Charlotte's Web helps the child characters mature by providing a space that has an element of structure, yet is away from parent figures and thus allows personal exploration.
Thesis for: Children's literature frequently incorporates tributes to the powers and pleasures of story-telling. Compare the kinds of satisfaction that a child derives from writing and/or story telling in Little Women and Charlotte's Web
In Little Women and Charlotte's Web, story telling serves many roles in common for all of the child figures, despite the differences between them; the stories' common roles of entertaining, advising, and serving a greater purpose show the universal satisfaction of these characteristics of stories for children.
Thesis for: In children's literature the child's relation with a father is typically less prominent than, and very different from, the child's relation to its mother. Compare the father-child relationships in Little Women and Roll of Thunder, emphasizing their emotional and moral impact on the child, particularly as they differ from the child's relations with its mother.
Because of their lesser role in the daily lives of their children, the fathers in Little Women and Roll of Thunder serve primarily as the long term visionaries and motivators of the family, while the mothers implement those ideals on the daily basis.
Thesis for: Learning to deal with anger is a surprisingly prominent theme in realistic fiction for children - perhaps because these stories, unlike fairy tales, tend to resist the satisfactions of revenge against forces that threaten or frustrate a child. Compare the significant of anger - its objects, the values a child affirms through his or her outrage - and the means by which a child overcomes it, as this struggle articulates character psychology and moral conflict in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.
In both Harry Potter and Roll of Thunder, unchecked outward anger is frequently associated with a lack of maturity, while greater understanding of the moral issues tempers those reactions.
Thesis for: Children's literature frequently offers children engrossing fantasies of access to power, but it also may be surprisingly forthright in representing the dangers of power, and the difficulties of escaping oppressive uses of power. Compare how Secret Garden and Treasure Island represent the child's experience of power (which typically entails the experience of weakness as wel).
In both The Secret Garden and Treasure Island, the main characters evolve from experiencing weakness under the power of others, to becoming independent, to then having the ability to use power with themselves and others.
Books for: violence
Treasure Island and Harry Potter
books for: domesticated landscape
Secret Garden and Charlotte's Web
books for: story telling
Little Women and Charlotte's Web
books for father's role
Little Women and Roll of Thunder
books for anger
Harry Potter and Roll of Thunder
books for power
Secret Garden and Treasure Island
Topic sentences for violence
- early innocence due to lack of exposure
- observing violence of new world
- participating in violence of new world
topic sentences for domesticated landscape
- unstructured would be too much
- examples of how the landscape is domestic
- examples of how they domesticate it further
topic sentences for story telling
- entertainment
- advice
- actually useful
topic sentences for father relationships
- visionaries
- educators
- motivators
topic sentences for anger
- lack of maturity to unchecked outward anger
- tempered reactions upon understanding the issues
- exceptions: anger despite or because of understanding
topic sentences for power
- weakness under others
- developing independence
- channeling power appropriately for self and others.