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Leda and the Swan
William Butler Yeats
The Second Coming
William Butler Yeats
The Lake Isle of Innisfree
William Butler Yeats
No Second Troy
William Butler Yeats
The Soldier
Rupert Brooke
Glory of Women
Siegfried Sassoon
Dulce Et Decorum Est
Wilfred Owen
The Dead
James Joyce
The Wasteland
T.S. Eliot
Made it compulsory for children to have an elementary education
Education Act of 1870
Fin De Siecle / The Decadence
In the 1890's, a movement that said art was for arts sake, period. As opposed to Ruskin, who said art should elevate the soul.
Diamond Jubliee
When Queen Victoria celebrated 60 years on the throne. Considered the height of the British Empire. People began to worry about the decline--they expected the end of an era.
Georgian Period
The period after Queen Victoria's death before World War II, which was the last height of the empire--"the golden period."
Post Impressionism
Sunday in the Park--pointillism--more distinctive brush strokes, vibrant colors, more structure, and interested in smaller geometrics.
Cubism, Picasso--tried to represent all different perspectives simultaneously--tried to rebel against the norms.
"Literature should make it new"
Ezra Pound--Blast--blow up Victorians and start new.
Narrative Detextualization
Modernists jump right into the story and give no background information or setup.
3 Modernist Themes
1. Make it new--Narrative Detextualization
2. Make it difficult--Writings were not accessible, they were about the writer.
3. Mix high and low--Important writings, but also portrayed a woman going to the bathroom.
Maud Gonne
Yeats' lover--An Irish Nationalist, promotes Irish literature and developed Irish National Theatre.
Georgiana Hyde Leighs
Yeats' friend who got him interested in Mysticism and automatic writing.
A Vision
Yeats lays out is philosophical beliefs.
Yeats idea of two Gyres--two spinning 2000 year periods, with the birth of Christ at the center.
Babylonian Mathematical Starlight
According to Yeats, the 1st of the two spinning Gyres--Grecco Roman
Christian Period
According to Yeats, the 2nd of the two spinning Gyres. The Christian Period was about to come to an end--the Christian world view was running out.
When 3 wisemen came--The revelation of Christ to the world. Or a moment of enlightenment--James Joyce focus in his writing and Ireland's way out of Paralsis.
Someone who doesn't live in their own Country. James Joyce was Irish, but he lived in France.
James Joyce belief that the Irish people were trapped emotionally, historically and religiously--Catholicism was a trap.
James Joyce writing that was banned because of obscenity--woman in bathroom. Gives a detailed account of the day in the life of a man from Dublin. Joyce uses a different style for each day.
Finnegan's Wake
James Joyce completely reinvents the English language.
Many different contrasting speakers in one work. T.S. Eliot uses this in The Wasteland--Originally called "He do the Police in Different Voices"