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moon ribbon - silver hair
The Moon Ribbon
a. Jane Yolen
Traditional Hansel and Gretel Story
Hansel and Gretal
a.Translated By: David Luke
From: Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
Traditional Rumplestiltskin Tale
a. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
A homosexual satire on Rumpelstiltskin
a. Peter Cashorali
Traditional tale of Bluebeard
Bluebeard p.55
a. Martin Hallet and Barbara Karasek
Poem-Jealous, controlling man who kills his “last ___"
My Last Duchess p.63
a. Robert Browning
The original Cinderella. Chinese version. Magical fish
a. Maria Tartar
European version of Cinderella. Magical doves, lentils in ash
Ashiepattle p.68
a. Jacob and William Grimm
Dark Version of Cinderella. Complete inversion of the traditional Cinderella
When the Clock Strikes
a. Tanith Lee
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
The Wife Killer
a. Kate Bernheimer
Tom boyish girl who blossoms when she gets older
a. Lucy Grealy
Flower saves the world!
The Last Flower
a. James Thurber
How a guys interpreted Bambi into his own life
Bambi: A Boy's Story
a. Banks
her premise: an extension of using metaphors to describe our perception of the world

condition that is “deserved” or a consequence to a “behavior”
AIDS and Its Metaphors
a. Sontag
Intro to "texts and other texts"