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heathen (n)
people who are not Christians (derogatory term)
dalliance (n)
a brief love relationship
absolutions (n)
remissions of sins pronounced by a priest
penance (n)
an act to show sorrow or repentance for sin
shriven (v)
freed from guilt through rituals
farthing (n)
British monetary unit, 1/4 of a penny
coffers (n)
strong boxes that contain money
wary (adj)
marked by keen caution in detecting and escaping danger
girdle (n)
any article of dress encircling the body, usually at the waist
dais (n)
raised platform (as in a hall or large room)
tithes (v)
pays/gives a tenth part of one's income, especially for the support of the church
knave (n)
a tricky and deceitful fellow
arrears (n)
states of being behind in the discharge of obligations (money)
bailiff (n)
an official employed by a British sheriff to serve writs and make arrests and executions
excommunication (n)
an act depriving a person of the rights of church membership
diocese (n)
the territorial jurisdiction of a bishop
relics (n)
objects that are worshipped because of association with a saint or martyr (often a body part after the death of the body part's owner)
burgher (n)
a townsman
chaste (adj)
morally pure in thought or conduct
a miser