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When did the Amcn frontier die off, and two reasons why
1915, b/c railroads bridged the continent and the Wright bros flew plane in 1903
number of people in 1865-1915
42mil people
types of transportation
ships, stagecoach, railroad
why was most lit about the mid and far west
frontier dwellers were always inventive and optomistic so many writers saw this as an interesting topic. Many people immigrated west too.
three popular poets
(what type of lit did they partake in) james whitcomb riley, eugene field, edwin markham
t/f: most people never lived on frontier
reason for urban slum, farm problem and labor unrest
industrial expansion
journalists who uncovered only muck or dirt of amcn life
what realist writers saw themselves as
a revolt against romanticism
b/c it ran the risk of being boring
(why did writers include...) hidden meanings, honesty of characters
naturalistic writers viewed reality as what
the workingout of natural forces
t/f in naturalism destiny is decided by heredity and environment, physical drives, economic circumstances
two parts of naturalism
(what writing title do these belong) people have no control over events, pessimistic view
which of the three types was developed during the latter part of 19th century
(when was) regionalism started
three authors whose work represented the midwest or the far west
(area of representation) mark twain, bret harte, willa cather
What brought aunt georgiana to boston
(a wagner matinee)
(what story did...)a family member die and she's taking a train to boston to be present for the settling of his estate.
three ways georgiana indulged her love of music while living on frontier
taught piano lessons, owned an organ and accordian, and sang songs
t/f: aunt georgiana taught clark the accordian
t/f: she wore colorful colors to the opera
(what of 3) portrayed life as the inexorable working-out of forces beyond control
(what of 3) ex. tom quartz
(what of 3) people are victims of catastrophies
(what of 3)slice of life, fiction stories
(what of 3)stressed the actual as opposed to the imagination
(what of 3) emphasizes local and elements that create color
describe dick baker
(3 ways)
-from tom quartz
-earnest, hardworking, dirty
using the ordinary language of people in a particular region
describe simon wheeler
(3 ways)
-from jumping frog
-takes topic seriously
-large bald guy in the bar
author of jumping frog?
mark twain
how does twain achieve humor (3 ways)
-serious narrator
author of outcasts of poker flat?
bret hart
describe peyton farquhar
(3 ways)
-from occurance of owl creek bridge
-supported south
author of occurance of owl creek bridge?
ambrose bierce
why did people move to the west
homestead act
when and how does homsetead act work
1862, 160 acres of free land over 21 yrs old after 5 years
opera of euryathne
euryathne is led into the desert to die by the man she loves
flying duchman
seacaptian is doomed to roam the seas forever b/c of a uttered oath
has been lured into venusbergy by a seductive beauty. with difficulty he tears himself away and begins a new life
tristan and isolde
she is promised to the king but falls in love with tristan instead. both are killed
who wrote luke havergal, miniver cheevy, and richard cory
how are they traditional and or modern
trad- style, modern- topic
what person are luke havergal, miniver cheevy, and richard cory writen in
3rd person
wrote spoon river anthology with 244 epitaths
edgar lee masters
who wrote luinda matlock and fiddler jones
what person are luinda matlock and fiddler jones written in