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What thrust does the MAX position of the thrust lever provide
Maximum thrust rating available
If you are in MAX reverse thrust and let go of the thrust lever what would happen
Thrust lever would return to minimum reverse position
What does the STOP position of the START/STOP switch do
Commands the FADEC to shutdown the engine provided the thrust lever is at idle
What does the OFF position of the IGNITION selector knowb do in flight
Deactivates the ignition system
What does the OFF position of the IGNITION selector knob do on the ground
What does an amber REV indicate on the EICAS
Thrust reversers are in transistion
What does a cyan > bug mean when displayed on the N1 EICAS indicator
N1 Target
What does the cyan tick mark mean when displayed on the N1 EICAS indicator
Minimum thrust level to meet bleed requirements
What does ATTCS stand for
Automatic Takeoff Thrust Control System
Where is assumed Temp displayed
Top of the EICAS between the N1 dials
How is the N1 limit indicated on the EICAS
a Red line on the N1 dial
What is ITT
Interturbine Temperature Indication
The RED line on the ITT indicates max allowable ITT. Is it indicated in flight
Only if the ITT goes beyond the CON thrust rating limit
What is the green normal engine vibration range
What is the amber engine vibration range
What is the normal engine oil level indication
In green
What are the 4 ignition indications
How is N2 indicated on the EICAS
Digital indication
What heats the fuel
Fuel-Cooled Oil Cooler
How many igniters are energized during engine start
1 for each engine
How many igniters are energized in the OVRD position
During a ground start when is ignition provided
Is there protection for hot starts or hung starts during an inflight start
Will the engine attempt auto relight on the ground
Yes, as long as engine RPM does not drop below 50% N2
Can you deploy the thrust reverser on an engine that has failed on the landing roll
Only up to 30 seconds after and engine inop is detected
What is the primary and backup power source for a FADEC
Backup=AC electrical system
What is the default setting for ATTCS
When will the ATTCS command RSV, if armed at the TOGA position on a T/O or GA
What is displayed on the EICAS when the ATTCS is activated
The green ATTCS is replaced with a cyan RSV (TO-1,RSV,GA RSV etc.)indication
If the ATTCS is OFF will you get RSV with an engine failure or wind shear on T/O in TOGA position
Will you get RSV when selecting MAX
As long as ATTCS is activated
If the ATTCS is ON will you get RSV with an engine failure or wind shear on T/O in the TOGA position
If T/O 1 (2&3) is limited to 5 minutes then what is the T/O RSV time limit
What is flight idle
Engine offers the minimum necessary thrust to provide minimum engine bleed pressure to the airplane
When is approach idle possible
1.Wght off wheels
2.Flaps not up or gear down
3.Altitude <15000
When is final approach idle set
Altitude lower than 1200 feet & approach mode configuration
What is the maximum thrust in GA
13000 lbs
What is the maximum thrust in GA RSV
14200 lbs SE
The T/O DATASET MENU setting only applies to what
The T/O mode of flight only
On the ground what protections does the FADEC provide during engine start
Hung Start
Hot Start
No Light Off
At what RPM does the FADEC shutdown the engine in flight and on the ground (overspeed protection)
N2 reaches 102%
If FADEC overspeed protection occurs will the FADEC attempt a relight
As long as 3 consecutive overspeed detection events have not occured within 30 seconds
The FADEC will not allow fuel flow during a ground start if the ITT is above how many degrees
120. It will do an automatic dry motoring until below 120 then command fuel flow
How much thrust is provided on a TO-1 takeoff
13000 lbs
How much thrust is provided on a RSV takeoff
14200 lbs
What does the blue < mean on the N1 gauge
Target N1
What does the green - mean on the N1 gauge
Max power for current conditions
What does a red - mean on the N1 gauge
Max permitted N1 rotor speed
What does the cyan arc mean on the N1 gauge
Where the thrust levers are at the present time
What does the arrow pointer mean inside the N1 gauge
Actual N1
What does the cyan - mean on the N1 gauge
Anti ice
The primary source of power for the FADEC is
PMA-Permanent Magnet Alternator
When is the PMA available
After rpm's have reached 50%
What powers the FADEC before 50% RPM is attained
The AC system
What triggers the Thrust levers
How many FADECS are there per engine
1 fadec per engine, each containing two channels.
Each fadec has how many channels
What are the two channels on the FADEC for
One is primary and the other is acting as a backup receiving the same information as the primary waiting to take over if a fault on the primary occurs
Name the thrust modes
What does the FADEC offer protection for
Hot start
Hung start
No light off
What FADEC protection is inhibited in the air
Hot start
Hung start
What is the thrust reverser lock system composed of
2 actuator locks
1 independednt cowl lock
Max power is what thrust lever angle
85 degrees
Max reverse is what thrust lever angle
.5 degrees
Min reverse is what thrust lever angle
12 degrees
Idle is what thrust lever angle
22 degrees
T/OFF and GA is what thrust lever angle
75 degrees
How would you know a windmill start is occuring
A WMC would appear near the N2 guage
How many igniters are used for ground starts
How many igniters are used for AIR starts
How many relight attempts will be made before the FADEC will stop
3 attempts
Engine oil system provides lubrication and cooling to what part of the engine
Turbine engine main shaft bearing and AGB bearing
When will the amber low oil come on the EICAS
When is the normal oil level range on the EICAS
Above 9.7
How many fuel injectors are mounted in the combustion chamber
How many stage axial flow compressor is the engine
Describe the fan and low pressure turbine
Single stage low pressure fan driven by a 4 stage low pressure turbine
Describe the compressor section of the engine
10 stage axial flow compressor with variable geometry inlet guide vanes and stator stages driven by a 2 stage high pressure turbine
What does the accessory gearbox house
Electric alternator
Hydraulic pump
How is the FADEC for the engine cooled on the ground
N1 air