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Horizontal Resoultion
-how sharp the picture is from right to left
-more lines of horizontal res. the sharper the picture will be
measure of the camers's ability to reproduce fine detail
all have to have the same sync timing
double Terminated
terminating the signal twice
Time Base Correctors
-removes timing errors from the video signal
-can allow the signal from the VTR to be locked to the house sync generator
shrinks the picture so you can see the edges
tape tension
Distribution Amp
provides several, isolated 1v p-p outputs from a single input
uses of color bars
1. adjust color monitors
2. adjust color encoders
3. check tv transmission systems
full normal
interal connection is going to break
generates its own sync
routing switcher
takes number of inputs and lets you choose an output
Looping or Bridging
electrical connection that allows a video signal to enter one jack and contine out an adjacent jack to be used elsewhere
puts vertical/horizontal blanking intervals in the middle of the screen, pushes everything over and up
monitor set-up
a display device(can't adjust the signal)
-chain of electronics that takes image from camera all the way through to final tv set
gen lock
circuit in equipment.. locks sync circuits to an external composite video
Vertical Resolution
-sharpness going from top to bottom is always the same
-determined by the T.V. standard
-see only about 241 lines
Horizontal Sync
retraces beam back to start of the next line
0 to -40 IRE
Vertical Blanking
turns the beam off at the end of the field
Vertical Sync
retraces the beam to start of the next field
color burst
8 to 11 cycles of signal wave frequency of 3.58 mtiz.
+20 IRE to -20 IRE
composite video
made up of picture information and compostie sync
waveform monitor
-used to understand luminance and composite sync
active video
picture information
7.5 to 100 IRE
institute of radio engineers
full video
7.5 to 100 IRE
-more we fill the window more brightness and contrast for maxium amount of detail.
75 ohm resistor at the end of the video signal path
Preventative Matience
-keep accurate matience records
-helps spot repair trends
Video Head Cleaning Options
-non-abrassive cassette
-abrasive cassette
-swab and solvent
-send VCR to shop for cleaning
Blue Gun
turns off red/green guns in monitor
Active Router
-switch electronically
-vertical blanking interval (switch in)
a battery. (same type that starts car)
holds more power than gel cell
flexibility to re-route signals in system easily
Component video
a video signal that has been split into two or more components.
Composite Sync
vertical and horizontal sync and blanking interval
Nec 80% rule
if the load through the breaker is going to draw current for more than 3 hours in any 24 hour period, only 80% of the breaker rating can be drawn
Unit of Power
monochrome signal
peak clamping
circuit like a limiter, doesn't let video signal above a preset level (90 ire, 100 ire, etc...)
higher #'s equal smaller the wire is (gauge)
the gauge of a wire is defined by the AWG
the signal used in many video systems to carry the color information of the picture
calculating AC loads
watts/volts = amps
unit of electrical current