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In the A/C&R system, what is the job of the evaporator?
pickup heat from the item that is being cooled
In the A/C&R system, what is a TXV and what does it do?
Thermal expansion valve. Regulates the flow of freon to the evaporator.
In A/C&R what is the job of the receiver?
a holding/storage area
what is the function of the ballast system?
flood well deck and correct list/trim
what does DFT stand for and what does it do?
De-aerating feed tank. Used to free condensate of disolved oxygen and heat the water, plus act as a resevoir for feed water
what phases of the steam cycle are the DFT in?
what does LPAC stand for and how many do we have onboard?
low pressure air compressor, 2
what is H2S and where will you find it?
hydrogen sulfide gas; CHT tanks, can come from food waste.
name the 4 degaussing coils.
a-coil, m-coil, fp-qp coil, fi-qi coil
what type of diesel generators do we have?
caterpillar 3508B
how many 400Hz generators do we have and what does the 400Hz system do?
3, used for radars, aircraft starting system, gyro
what is the difference between the vent, blow, and flood valves?
flood valve - hydraulic
vent/blow - motor operated
flood - lets sea water in
blow - pushes air into the tank to push water out
vent - lets air out of tank
what is "ABC" and where can you find it?
automatic boiler control, in #1, #2 MMR boiler fronts
what is ABT and why do we have them?
automatic bus transfer, to keep power to vital equipment.
what is the purpose of the wind indication system?
to give wind direction and speed relative to the ship
what does a cross-connected steam plant mean?
#1 boiler running 2 plants
what are the 4 phases of the steam cycle?
generation, expansion, condensate, feed
in the basic steam cycle, what phase does thermal energy change into mechanical energy?
expansion phase
which shaft is longer?
how many line shaft bearings on stbd side?
what type of evaps do we have?
3 stage flash type
how much water does one evap make per day?
30,000 GPD
how many A/C plants are onboard?
name the spaces that have halon distribution.
fwd/aft deisel, 1/2 MMR, JP-5 pump room
what is the halon time delay for 1/2 MMR and why?
60 sec, evac and vents
name the spaces with CO2 flooding.
mogas motor room
mogas pump room
boat & vehicle pump room
paint locker
what are the CHT modes?
inport, at sea, transit
what is NOAP and what does NOAP do for the engineering dept?
Navy Oil Analysis Program, helps bring attention to possible problems & can be used for t/sing
how many AFFF zones do we have?
where is AFFF zone 6?
lower V aft
which HCFF feeds zone 5?
how many fire pumps onboard?
how many shore power cables?
what is the total for shore power cables?
what is the maximum electrical capacity of the ships service turbine generators
what is jacket water?
coolant for the diesel engine
where is the MK-23 located?
IC gyro
what types of F/O are used onboard?
DFM, JP-5, mogas
name 5 ways to steer the ship
trick helm
emergency hand pump
chock and chain
jacking bolts
what is slop and what does it do?
steam driven L/O pump, used as a standby L/O pump for the main engine
what is the light off sequence for an eductor?
discharge, firemain, suction
who is the deballasting officer?
what is the main steam used for besides main prop?
how many fresh water storage tanks are there?
what is the total water capacity of the ship?
89,680 gal
what is vital air used for?
boiler controls
where are the LPAC's located?
1/2 MMR
where are 1/2 DBAC's located?
fwd air deballast room
what is the purpose of the air deballast system?
to remove water from the ballast tanks that are below the water line
how many ballast tanks onboard?
how many wing tanks onboard?
how do you fill and drain the wing tanks?
firemain/gravity drain
what type of boilers do we have onboard?
foster and wheeler D type
name the 6 categories of hazmat.
Compressed air
what is the job of the superheater?
to make very dry steam
how many oil spill kits are onboard and where are they located?
2, pt/stbd catwalks
what color handwheel is CHT?
what depth is needed to be reached to launch/recover an AAV?
6 FT
what depth is needed to be reached to launch/recover an LCU?
8 FT
what depth is needed to be reached to launch/recover an LCAC?
0-6 in.
how many deballast compressors are there?
2 fwd (4-30-2-E)
3 aft (4-200-1-E)
what PSI is maintained during ballast operations?
10 PSI
how many hydraulic stations are there?
what 2 valves must be opened to flood 8th deck tanks?
sea chest and vent valve
what 2 valves must be opened to dewater 8th deck tanks?
sea chest and blow valves
how many AFFF stations are onboard?
what deck are the AFFF stations located on?
3rd deck
what AFFF stations provides bilge sprinkling in MMR 1/2?
station 1/2
how do you activate halon?
pull pin on 5lb CO2 bottle and press handle down.
where is the APC found?
how do you activate an APC system
pull pin located by the exit, or at 360 degrees a fusible link melts and automatically activates the system
how many CHT tanks onboard?
what are the CHT tank capacities?
fwd, 5878 gal
2 aft, 8800 gal
how many GPM can the CHT pumps pump?
300 GPM
where is the steering ram located?
aft steering
what is the trick wheel?
the wheel that you use to steer the ship when taking control in aft steering
where are the A/C plants located?
1. 4-175-1-E
2. 4-175-2-E
3. 4-120-2-E
where are the reefer plants located?
where are the ships service emergency diesel generators located?
what type of fuel do the diesel generators burn?
normal DFM, emergency JP-5
where are the diesel generators operated?
what is the tonnage of the A/C plants?
200 tons
what are the batteries used for on the SSDG's?
for starting and powering the engines computer and touch screens
where is the emergency hand steering pump located?
aft steering
what is the location of the boilers?
1 - 1 MMR
2 - 2 MMR
describe the function of the turbine forced draft blowers
to force feed the furnace with combustion air
describe the function of the economizer
to preheat the boiler water before it enters the steam drum to help make the boiler more economical to operate
describe the function of the soot blowers
to blow the soot off the boiler tubes
how many DFT's do we have and where are they located?
1 - 1 MMR
2 - 2 MMR
explain the uses of the LP air system
to supply control air to the boilers and engine rooms, tool air, and combat systems dry air
describe the function of the LP air receiver
to store air
what is the color of an LP air hand wheel?
what is the color of an F/O hand wheel?
what is the color of a L/O hand wheel?
yellow with black stripes
what is the chemical difference between potable water and boiler/feed water?
potable water is treated with bromide or chlorine to kill bacteria to make it safe to drink.
boiler/feed water is treated with boiler chemicals to maintain boiler chemistry and is not safe to drink
what is the location of the potable water pumps onboard?
1 - 1 MMR
2 - 2 MMR
where are the SSTG's located?
1A/B - 1 MMR
2A/B - 2 MMR
where are the shore power connections?
fwd boat deck bulkhead
what are the duties and responsibilities of the EDO?
overall responsible for the entire engineering plant and its operation when the ship is inport and cold iron. Also responsible for all the fire fighting efforts in the DCA's absence.
what are the duties and responsibilities of the EOOW?
overall responsible for the operation of the engineering plant while steaming.
describe the function of the L/O purifier
removes dirt and water from the L/O before it is sent to the main engine.
state the purpose and the location of the oily waste separator
located in 1 MMR, purpose is to remove oil from bilge water and allow the water to be pumped over the side without polluting the ocean
where are the main thrust bearings located?
first bearings outside the main reduction gear on both shafts, 1 /2 MMR
where is the strut bearing located?
outside the skin of the ship, last bearing before the prop.
state the purpose and location of the main condenser
1/2 MMR under the main engine, its purpose is to condense the steam and return it to the feed system.
describe the function and color of the ahead throttle valve.
green, allows steam to enter the HP turbine to allow the engine to turn in the ahead direction
describe the function and color of the astern throttle valve
red, allows steam to enter the LP turbine to allow the engine to turn in the astern direction.