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past perfect progressive
form: had + been + present particliple (base + ing)

use: action that had been in progress for a length of time
simple future
form: will + base verb

1. actions that will take place in the futre
2. actions that are predictable given certain circumstances
simple past
form: base form + ed (regualar verbs)

use: use when talking about things completed entirely in the past
simple present
form: base form, unless 3rd person, add e/es

1 habitual actions
2. actions accuring at the moment
3. facts or general truths
present perfect
form: have of has + past participle (ed)

1.actions that began in the past and are still occuring in the present
2. actions that began in the past and have been completed at an unspecified time
past perfect
form: had + past particliple

use: actions already completed before another past time or action
future perfect
form: will + have + past particliple

use: actions that will be completed before or by a specified time in the future
present progressive
form: present tnese of be + present participle

1. actions urrently in progress
2. future actions that will occur at a speicfied time
past progressive
form: past tnese be + present participle

use: actions that were in progress in the past
present prefect progressive
form: have/had + been + present participle

use: actions that have been in progress for a length of time
future progressive
form: will + be + present participle

use: actions that will be in progress in the future