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To tell a story about your subject, possibly to enlighten readers or to explain something.
To help readers understand your subject through evidence of their senses--sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste.
To explain your subject with instances that show readers its nature or character.
To explain or evaluate your subject by helping readers see the similarities and differences between it and another subject.
Process Analysis
To inform readers how to do something or how something works--how a sequence of actions leads to a particular result.
Division or Analysis
To explain a conclusion about your subject by showing readers the subject's parts or elements.
To help readers see order in your subjejct by understanding the kinds or groups it can be sorted into.
Cause and Effect
To tell readers the reasons for or consequences of your subject, explaining why or what if.
To show readers the meaning of your subject--its boundaries and its distinctions from other subjects.
Argument and Persuasion
To have readers consider your opinion about your subject or your proposal for it.