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to be in no mood for jokes
no estar para bromas
to not be so important
no ser para tanto
to top it off
para colmo
just so you know
para que sepas
para siempre
around there
por allí
around here
por aquí
by chance/by accident
por casualidad
for example
por ejemplo
therefore, for that reason
por eso
por fin
in general
por lo general
at least
por lo menos
therefore (2)
por lo tanto
por lo visto
no matter how much (1)
por más
no matter how much (2)
por mucho que
on the other hand (1)
por otro lado
on the other hand (2)
por otra parte
for the first time
por primera vez
just in case
por si acaso
of course
por supuesto
so much
so many
This hotel is more elegant than the other one.
Este hotel es más elegante que el otro.
You have less money than I do.
Tienes menos dinero que yo.
The car is less rapid than the subway.
El carro es menos rápido que el metro.
My brother travels more than I do.
Mi hermano viaja más que yo.
The return flight is as long as the flight over.
El vuelo de regreso es tan largo como el de ida.
When I travel to the city, I have as many suitcases as you.
Cuando viajo a la ciudad, tengo tantas maletas como tú.
Mi friend Yolanda has traveled as much as I have.
Mi amiga Yolanda ha viajado tanto como yo.
Guillermo has enjoyed his vacation as much as I have.
Guillermo ha disfrutado tanto como yo en sus vacaciones.
A round-trip ticket will cost more than a thousand dollars.
Un boleto de ida y vuelta va a costar más de mil dólares.
I'll get you an answer in less than half an hour.
Te consigo una respuesta en menos de media hora.
Your trip is so long.
Tu viaje es tan largo.
You travel so much.
Viajas tanto.
Do you always bring so many suitcases?
Siempre traes tantas maletas?
This is the prettiest beach on the coast of Argentina.
Ésta es la playa más bonita de la costa argentina.
It is the least expensive hotel in the neighborhood.
Es el hotel menos caro del barrio.
Las Dos Palmas is the most elegant one (restaurant) in the city.
Las Dos Palmas es el más elegante de la cuidad.
This vacation is better than the last one.
Estas vacaciones son mejores que las últimas.
Isabela is better with the children than Carlota.
Isabela es más buena con los niños que Carlota.
Ernesto is older than I am.
Ernesto es mayor que yo.
That one is bigger than this one.
Ése es más grande que éste.
Today there was a smaller number of tourists.
Hoy hubo un menor número de turistas.
The food in Mexico is better than the food here.
La comida de Mexico es mejor que la de aquí.
I already have the bought clothing
Ya tengo la ropa comprada.
It's too bad that Mariel won't be going with us.
Es una lástima que Mariel no vaya con nosotras.
It's not important that Horacio returns the guide.
No es tan importante que Horacio devuelva la guía.
It's true that I am thirsty, but it's not true that I'm hungry.
Es verdad que tengo sed, pero no es verdad que tenga hambre.
I should be protected.
Debo estar protegido.
I have fallen
He caído
I have read
He leído
I have heard
He oído
I have constructed
He construido
abrir p.p.
cubrir p..p
decir pp
descubrir pp
escribir pp
hacer pp
morir pp
poner pp
resolver pp
romper pp
ver pp
volver pp
The agency is already closed.
La agencia ya está cerrada
The transportation problem is solved.
El problema del transporte está resuelto.
Susana has traveled to Sevilla three times.
Susana ha viajado a Sevilla tres veces.
Have you packed the suitcases this afternoon?
Has preparado las maletas esta tarde?
I had already been to Guatemala before, but I have returned because I liked it a lot.
Ya había estado en Guatemala antes, pero he vuelto porque me gustó muchísimo.
When I saw him, Enrique had already bought gifts for the party.
Cuando lo vi, Enrique ya había comprado regalos para todos.
I've just bought round-trip tickets. (very, very recently)
Acabo de comprar los boletos de ida y vuelta.
Juan and Carla have just arrived from their honeymoon in the Caribbean (very, very recently).
Juan y Carla acaban de llegar de su luna de miel por el Caribe.
When I arrived at the station, the train had already left.
Cuando llegué a la estación, el tren ya había salido.
We are leaving for the Costa Brava this weekend.
para 1. destination (toward, in the direction of)
I need the tickets by tomorrow.
para 2. Deadline or a specific time in the future (by, for
We traveled to Peru in order to visit the ruins of Macchu Picchu.
para 3. Purpose or goal + infinitive. (in order to)
I bought a new suitcase for the trip.
para 4. Purpose + noun (for, used for)
The seat by the window is for you, Roberto.
para 5. Recipient (for)
For being so young, they have traveled a lot.
para 6. Comparison with others or opinion (for, considering)
For me, one week of vacation is enough.
para 6. Comparison with others or opinion (for, considering)
A friend of mine works for this airline.
para 7. Employment (for)
There are beach resorts all along the Pacific Coast.
por 1. Motion or a general location (along, through, around, by)
They lived in Managua for an entire year.
por 2. Duration of an action (for, during, in)
I didn’t buy the tickets because I didn’t have enough money.
por 3. Reason or motive for an action (because of, on account of, on behalf of )
I’ll pick you up tomorrow.
por 4. Object of a search (for, in search of)
Paso por ti mañana.
He made a call by cell phone from the plane.
por 5. Means by which (by, by way of, by means of)
You can buy this trip for only 50 pesos.
por 6. Exchange or substitution (for, in exchange for)
The bus was going 60 miles per tour.
por 7. Unit of measure (per, by)
The Puerto Montt Guidebook was griten by Luis Cabrera.
por 8. Agent (passive voice) (by)
subj. conocer
subj. decir
subj hacer
subj oir
subj poner
subj seguir
subj tener
subj traer
subj venir
subj ver
subj resolver
Resuelva resolvamos
Resuelva resuelvan
subj. pensar
Piense pensemos
Piense piensen
subj. pedir
Pida pidamos
Pida pidan
subj sentir
Sienta sintamos
Sienta sientan
subj dormir
Duerma durmamos
Duerma duerman
subj dar
Dé demos
Dé den
subj estar
Esté estemos
Esté estén
subj ir
Vaya vayamos
Vaya vayan
subj saber
Sepa sepamos
Sepa sepan
subj ser
Sea seamos
Sea sean
subj sacar
saque, saques, saquemos
subj almorzar
almuerce, almorcemos
It's not so important that Horacio returns the guide.
No es tan importante que Horacio devuelva....