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An objects stored energy is called
potential energy
Sunlight can be turned into electricity by using
solar cells to collect the sun's energy.
If two pots of boiling water are exactly the same size and are at exactly the same temperature, the ____ energy of each is the ____ .
Heat same
The graph of the relationship between the temperature of a substance and its amount of heat (amount of particle movement) is
a diagonal line that slants upward
Three logs in a fire place are lit and begin to burn. This is an example of
Transfer of chemical energy to heat and light energy
Fourth of July fireworks explode in the air. This is an example of
Transfer from chemical energy to light, sound, and heat energy.
The amount of heat energy of a liquid depends on the
temperature of the liquid and the amount of liquid present.
In a phase change diagram, the solid state is represented by a
diagonal at the left side of the graph.
In a phase change diagram, the horizontal lines in the graph represent
the temperature at which the phase change occurs.
Theoretically, absolute energy cannot be reached because heat energy is always transferred when
objects come into contact.
A substance that reduces the flow of heat energy is called an
When thermal energy is transferred from one solid to another by direct contact, the process is called