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What kind of energy change occurs when a girl starts at the top of a ramp and goes down the ramp on her skate-board?
potential to kinetic energy
A baseball is thrown into the air. At what point does it reach its greatest potential energy?
At the very top of its path.
A battery is inside of a flashlight that is turned on. What kind of energy change occurs?
Chemical to light energy
The internal motion (vibration) of particles of matter is called ______ energy.
A nuclear reaction called fusion is the process by which hydrogen is changed to helium. This is an example of the sun's _________ energy.
As its __________ increases, the kinetic energy of a mass increases.
Which is the most concentrated form of energy?
Nuclear energy
Absolute zero is equal to
- 273 degrees Celsius
Absolute zero occurs when
theoretically all motion of molecules stops
Kinetic energy varies with
mass and velocity
Chemical energy is
energy from chemical bonding of atoms.
A joule is an SI unit that measures
the amount of energy