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what object shows light energy?
a clock or flashlight?
what are fuels?
things that are burned to give heat are fuels.
name an object that changes one form of energy into another.
a toaster or television
is heat another form of energy?
yes, heat is used to change matter.
does a television use electricity?
yes, a television uses electricity and changes electricity into light and sound.
can anything move faster than light.
no, nothing can move faster than light.
what are four forms of energy?
light, sound heat , and electricity are the four forms of energy.
a radio changes electricity into what other form of energy?
a radio changes electricity into sound
Why can you see through some things and not others?
you can see through some things when light passes through them.
name four kinds of fuels?
oil, gas. wood, and coal are fuels.
what can heat be used for?
it warms homes. it is used to cook. it is used to dry clothes.
why can you see yourself in a mirror?
you can see yourself in a mirror because a mirror reflects almost all light that hits it.
can energy be changed from one form to another?
yes, an example of energy changing form is electricity changing to heat. like when you toast bread.
what is friction?
friction is when two things are rubbed together to make heat,.
electricity can come from plugs or batteries.
what is energy needed for?
energy is needed to change things.
what can heat be used for?
it warms homes. it is used to cook. it is used to dry clothes.
what form of energy can you hear?
sound is the form of energy that you can hear.
what does reflected mean?
reflected means that light hits something and then bounces off of it.
do all things reflect the same?
no, some things reflect bettyer than other things.
what form of energy can you hear?
what does absorbed mean?
things are not reflected they trap light instead.
what is electricity?
electricity is a form of energy usedfor light, heat, and to run machines.
name three forms of energy.
1. light
2. sound.
what kind of lines does light move in? straight or zigzag?
light moves in straight lines.
what form of energy can you see?
are there many forms of energy?