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What is energy given off by the sun called?
Solar energy
Bundles of energy transferred from the sun that move through matter and space are called
Bundles of energy that transfer heat are called
Infared radiation
You can check the __________ to see how warm it is outside.
All movement of particles requires
When particles of matter bump into each other, thermal energy is transferred by
The transfer of thermal energy from one place to another is called
The energy transfer by hot particles moving in a liquid or gas is called
Any material that can burn is a
The energy of moving objects is called
kinetic energy
Which uses the most energy?
jumping, shouting, writing or thinking
The energy of motion of particles is called
thermal energy
When particles in the air move faster, what happens to the air temperature?
temperature rises or temperature falls
temperature rises
Does liquid, boiling, frozen, or melting water have the fastest moving particles?
Does liquid, boiling, frozen, or melting water have the slowest moving particles?
What causes cold water to warm up when you add hot water to the cold?
Which of the following is an example of energy transferred through infared radiation? hot water faucet, sunshine, metals, ocean water
What must happen to two pieces of matter in order for thermal energy to be transferred through conduction?
Solar panels that heat water are an example of energy tranferred through ________.
infared radiation
A campfire is an example of
Hot particles moving within an oven are an example of
Energy transferred from a burner to the contents of a pan is called
Which state of matter takes up the most space? Why?
a gas, because its particles move quickly and are most spread out
Which would be warmest in the winter and coolest in the summer?
wood barn or metal barn
wood because it is an insulator - warm air inside in the winter and outside in the summer
What type of clothing would you wear in the winter to stay warm? How do these types of clothing help?
Clothes that insulate - keep my body heat close to me
Which setting would involve faster moving particles? a beach on a sunny day or a snowy day in the country
a beach on a sunny day
Energy of motion and matter can be measured. How could you measure the average energy of motion in a glass of water?
When you measure the average energy of motion the second time, the average energy has increased. What can you infer has happened?
thermal energy has been added - the water warmed up
The third time you measured the average energy of motion of the matter in the glass of water, the average energy has decreased. What can you infer has happened?
Thermal energy has been taken away - the water has been cooled.
If you took the following data readings of thermal energy from a metal roof, would you infer that the data was taken at the beginning or end of the day? Explain why.
90 deg. F
80 deg. F
70 deg. F
60 deg. F
The data was taken at the end of the day because the roof loses heat as the sun sets.