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wrist, elbow, and ends at the chest
lung tai yin primary ch passes through which organs?
st, lg, li
this point disperses wind, descends lg energy, and is useful for HA, stiff neck, rhinitis and sweating
LG 7
this pt clears heat, ben throat, escellent for tonsillitis and revives from fainting
LG 11
this pt resolves dampness, raises sp qi, holds blood and tonifies spleen qi
ub 20
is a pt of sea of blood, good for common cold, osteoporosi, sob, and bronchitis?
which pt is a back shu pt which tonifies and nourishes all aspects of lv and is a main pt for hepatitis?
lower he sea of san jiao?
this pt is a back shu pt that strengthens the kd and fortifies essence and yang
this pt drains summer heat, low back pain, skin diseases and is the command pt of lumbar and back
this pt treats a wide range of blood disorders: blood stag, nervous vomiting, anemia, and st cancer.
lower he sea of bladder?
wonderful pt to regulat ehte mid jiao as a whole, descends rebellious qi, useful for fullness, distention, poor appetite and acid reflux
this pt fosters original qi, asthma, poor memory and bronchitis
40 yo male presents w low back and sciatic pn w stiff neck due to a recent trauma while rock climbing, which pt would you choose to relax the sinews and muscles and pull qi down?
famous for turning a fetus
this pt is used to disperse wind and damp, builds the kd, good for rheumatic arthritis, hemorrhoids and low back pain
this ub pt is ci for preg
this pt relaxes the muscle ch, ben hemm, sciatica, and twisted calf muscles
58 yo woman presents w ha, tinnitus, she has s hx of epilepsy and psychological disorders, which pt?
great pt to transform phlegm, good for cough and harmonizes 100 vess?
which lg pt best for coughing blood?
kd primary ch starts at
beneath the little toe
which pt ben, kd yin and yang, stores post natal qi and is useful for tinnitus and LBP?
kd 11 thu kd21 are often used to tx
urogenital prob
kd 12 thu 21 treat?
abdominal prob
kd 22 thru 27 tx?
coughing and asthma
which pt would you find useful for a patient that has heavy metal poisoning and may have fertility issues
kd lou con ch begins in the heel and ascends along the kd primary ch to a point below the ? where it travels posteriorly to and spreads into the ?
pc, lumbar spine
this pt brings qi down and is very grounding, revives and treats vertex HA
29 f comes into your office complaining of asthma. after investigation you find she has trouble grasping for air, she also has some night sweats, which kd pt do you choose?
one of your longtime patients brings in her 10 yo son who has had a long term sore, dry throat and longstangin emotional disorders including frear and anxiety. Since we limit how many pts we tx a child w, which is your most imp kd pt?
the kd divergent ch separates from teh kd primary ch in the ?
popliteal fossa
kd sinew ch binds in 4 locations
m.malleolus, genital, occipital, medial condyle of tibia
kd primary ch connectw w zang fu?
kd, ub, lg, lv, ht
p6 and ht 7 commonly used together to tx
calm shen
pt known for calming shen, eliminating phlegm, good for morning sickness or and gyn prob
this wos pt is imp for angina and breast prob
the pc sinew ch binds in 3 places
below axilla, m.elbow, diaphram
pt good for calming the spirit, unbinding chest, foul breath, and blood in the urine
pt is often used to colm the spirit, excellent for nausea, vomiting and motion sickness, but also good for PMS and to raise the blood pressure
pc xi cleft, used to tx acute onset blood disorders
nei guan is which pc pt?
pc primary ch has a branch that arises form the palm at p8 and follows radial aspect of the ? to the tip
ring finger
pc pt most often used for phlegm
pc primary ch connects at which zang fu?
pc sj
pc luo con ch begins at p6 and ascends along the ch to end at ?
the heart
pt is ci for preg, but excellent for expelling wind and external pathogens
20 yo male comes in and states that he feels as if every time he eats the food gets stuck and he gets full really quickly. which pt rx would you choose?
st25 & 36, ren 12
st pt would you first choose for a patient presenting w a sore throat, toothache and a high fever
best pt for st ache, endometriosis and heavy sighting
resolves dampness and opens the water passages
sp 9
pt eliminates wind of the lower body, alleviates itching and is good for sciatica
gb 31
this special pt is the meeting pt of muschles and tendons, spreads lv qi and is a good pt for shoulders and sciatica
gb 34
which pt would you choose to regulate the girdling ch,in order to help mastitis, ha, vertigo and irreg menses?
gb 41
pt is known as the preeminent pt for wind, but is also useful for eye diseases, common cold, ha, stiff neck and htn
gb 20
34 yo patient presents w gallstones, nausea, vomint, and the tongue presents w a yellow sticky ct. you diagnose lv qi stag w damp heat, best pt?
gb 24
45 yo secretary vists and complains of pn in the back and leg, after careful exam. you find she is exhibiting signs of sciatic nerve pain. which pt will release her yuan qi?
gb 30
28 yo classmate presents w stress that accumulates and cuases neck and shoulder pain. you notice she also coughs a lot to clear the phlegm ball in her throat, and from her intake you discover she has hemaplegia. which gb pt is best?
gb 21
you have a patient w lumbar pn and gi disorders. you have already chosen a few pts locally and distally, but you remember that there is a gb pt that helps to build kd qi?
gb 25
feng chi which gb pt
gb 20
gb primary ch connects w which zang fu?
lv gb
gb luo conn ch separates from prim ch at the luo conn pt, where it connects w the lv ch and the it disperses over
gb sinew ch begins at the 4th toe and travels upwards to face. along the way it binds in 7 areas, list 4`
ext mall. thigh, knee, breast
lv prim chan conn w zang fu?
lb gb lg st
lv 3 name?
tai chong
lv luo ch separeates at lv 5, connects w the ? and ascens to the genital
gall bladder
pt drains lv fire, is good for htn ha, spreads stagnant blood and qi,a nd is a very good antispasmodic
pt helpful for spreading lv qi, removing congealed blood, and sueful for alternating chills fever
lv divergent ch separates from the primary channel at ? and ascends to the pubic region to converge w the gb ch
excellent for prostatitis, excellent for herpes, prolapsed uterus and hernias
lv 8
new 32 femal patient stating she would like to detox she is exhibiting the symptoms of ha, vertigo, irregular lmenst, isomnia, and vervous anx. pt great to pacify the lv and regulate blood?
12 yo boy comes in and complaining of vomiting, fatique and diarrhea w food in stools. dx is malabsorbtion of food and cold in the yin organs,
new pat that comes in complaining of hernia, as a secondary complaint he says there is itching, pan and swelling of the genitals, which pt is best for spreading lv qi?
lv sinew ch binds in 3 places
m malleolus, knee, genitals
ht pt best for insomnia
ht 7
better for reg water pass, reg uterus, good for abd pn and morbid leucorrhea, but can cause sterility
pt is very effective in reg all st qi, good for acute or chronic gastritis, prolapsed st, nervouse st, ulcers and n/v
new 28pat w uti, she says she is having trouble urinating, but has come to you bc she has very irreg menst cycles w exc bleeding.
mtng pt of all qi
pt can clam spirit, pacify st, good for mental diseases, st ache, n/v
pt on ren is best for reg qi, mv lv qi, good for abd dist, irreg, menses, adn fear of being in the physical body
reg pat. presenting w asthma, hiccups, is fatiqued and having a hard time choosing his words.
pt restores yang, nourishes kd, ben uterus, wonderful for diarrhea, gen weakness and def menstrual disorders
chronic fat and diarrhea, dx def st and spleen yang, pt for warming yang?
suppresses reb qi,a sthma, brondh and good for mastitis r?
presents w rash and is itching, hx of sczema and psoriasis. 4 doors
r4 r6 sp9 st 25
sudden onset disorders
ghost pts
mental, manis, epilepsy
lou conn
physcho-emo, int ext, 15 pts
jing well
restore consciousness
shu stream
heaviness in bdy
jing river
cough and dyspnea
ying spring
clear very strong heat
he sea
counterflow of qi and diarrhea
sj primar ch con zang fu?
pc sj
ben hearing, good for tinnitus, deafness and bells palsy
sj 17
transforms phlegm, clears fire and works wonderfully on scrofula
sj 10
sj luo con ch sep from the prim ch at sj5, proceedsup the pposterior aspect of the arm over shoulder to end
si cleft sj and excellent for old peoples problems
sj sinew ch begins at ulnar side of ring finger....ascends to bind at ?
sj divergent ch separates form prim ch on the head it descends and disperses where?
chest and san jiao
30 preg common cold, fever and a ha. sj pt most effect. for building wei qi and is ok for preg womeN/
most imp pt to reg qi and lcear heat inthe sj. major pt for moving qi n the int and tx constipation
pt facilitates qi circulation, ben ear (deaf, mutism) good for shoulder, back, elbow and arm pain
back shu pt that ton and nour all aspents of lv and is a mn pint for hepatitis
ub 18
tonify qi and blood in whole body / magnificent 6
ub 17 18 20
pc pt most often used for phlegm
40 male present w lbp and sciatic pn with stiff neck due to a recent trauma while rock climbing, relac sinews and muscles and pull qi down? /asprin pt
ub 60
lower he sea of si
st 39
luo conn pt of du
ben lumbar spine, vag discharge, prolapse anus, ton kd qi, calms fetus, genital prob
du 4
mtng pt of du w 6 yang, clears heat, malaria, febrile diseases, fever
du 14
dizziness, hermerroids, uterine bleeding, du
du 20
psychosis, hysteria, revival, du
du 26
command pt: face and mouth
li 4
cmmd pt: head back of neck
lg 7
cmd pt: abd
st 36
cmd pt: back -upper & lower
ub 40
pc 6 & sp 4
yin wei, chong/penetrating
si 3 & ub 62
du, yang qiao
sj 5 & gb 41
yang wei, dai/girdle
lg 7 & kd 6
ren/directing, yin qiao