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elevated TSH
decreased T4

tx: give synthetic T4
Causes of hypothyroidism
Hashimotos thyroiditis
subacute thyroiditis
following tx for hyperthroidism
sick-euthyroid syndrome
iodine deficinecy
Dx of Hashimotos
antimicrosomal abx

histology- lymphocyte infiltration of the gland

usually assocaited with other autoimmune diseases
what is subacute thyroiditis
acute viral inflammation with fever and enlarged, tenderthyroid gland
what is sick-euthyroid syndrome
any illness that may decrease t4 and/or t3, but TSH is normal

condition is self-limiting and no treatment is necessary
Treatment for hyperthyroidism
antithyroid drugs: propylthiouracil or methimazole

surgery for patients under 25/pregnant women
radaiactive iodine for patients over 40
Causes of hyperthyroidism
Graves Dz
Plummers Dz/Toxic multinodular goiter
Toxic adenoma
signs of graves dz
pretibial myxdema
nontender,diffuse goiter
Dx of Cushing's Syndrome
24 hour urine test for free cortisol
Plasma cortisol is NOT accurate

dexamethasone suppression test
W/u of hyperadrenalism
check MRI of brain to r/o pituitary adenoma

look for adrenal neoplasm that produces steroids or small cell cancer that prodces ACTH
Primary hyperaldosteronism
check for hypertension, hypernatremia, hypokalemia and low renin

get CT scan of abdomen

high renin --> secondary hyperldosteronism