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Function of the endocrine system
product and secrete hormones that travel to other cells
What is the largest organ in endocrine system?
pituitary gland
What is the pituitary gland attached to?
What does the pituitary gland control?
many glands in our body
What are the two lobes of the pituitary gland?
anterior and posterior
What controls the anterior lobe of the pitutitary gland?
hypothalamus hormones
What 6 hormoes does the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland secrete?
Follicle stimulating (FSH), Lutenizing (LH), Thyroid stimulation (TSH), Adrencorticotropic (ACTH, Prolactin (PRL), Growth Hormone (GH)
What does the FSH hormone target in women and men and what is the function
Fx: stimulate eggs/sperm production
What does the LH hormone target in women and men and what is the function
Fx: ovuation/testerone to be producted.
What does the Thyroid hormone target and function:
Thryoid gland
Fx: stimulates production of thyroid hormone
What does the Adrencorticortopic hormone target and function
Adrenal gland cortex
Fx: stimulates cortex to release more hormones
What does the prolactin hormone target in men/women, function
mammary glands/testes
fx: stimulates production of milk and causes cells in tests more sensitive to lutenizing hormone
What does the growth hormone target and function?
most cells and stimulates growth and development
What lobe of the pituitary gland is controlled by the hypothalamaus neurons
posterior lobe
Which lobe of the PG only stores and secretes hormones
posterior lobe
What two hormones does the posterior lobe of the pitu. gland secrete
antidiuertic and oxytocin
What does the antidiueric hormon (ADH) target and function?
kidneys/stimulates renal tubuals to retain more H20
What does the oxytocin (OT) hormone target and function?
uterus to stimulate contractions and mammany glands to release milk
What gland is located on anterior side of trachea?
Which 2 hormones does the thryroid gland secrete?
Thyroid hormones and calcitonin
What is the target and function of the thyroid hormone?
most cells of the body and stimulates metabloic activity
What is the target and function of calcitonin
bones , stimulates osteoblast activity
Adrenal glands are located where?
on top of kidneys
what are the two functional layers of the adrenal glands
adrenal cortex (outer)
adrenal medulla (middle)
What are the 3 zones of the adrenal cortex?
zona, zone fasiciculata, zone reticularis
What hormones does the zone secrete?
aldosterone hormones, target kidneys: stimulates sodium retention
What horomones does the zone fasiciculate secrete?
Releases cortisol targets: many cells and stimulates fats and proteins to be convereted into glucose
Zona reticularis secretes androgens and estrogens
function: each gender relies on this layer for production of the opposite gender hormones
What 2 hormones does adrenal medulla excrete?
epinephrine and norepinephrine
Where is the pancreas located?
under the stomach
What 2 hormones does the pancreas excrete?
insulin and glucagon horomone
What does the glucagon hormone target?
mainly the liver, stimulates glycogenolysis, producted by alpha cells
Erythropoietin - what % is producted in kidneys and liver?
85% in kidneys, 15% liver Targets red bone marrow and stimulates production of red blood cells