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What does GnRH stand for?
Gonadotrophin releasing hormone
What does GnRH do?
releases FSH and LH from anterior pituitary
What does TRH stand for?
thyrotrophin releasing hormone
What does TRH do?
releases TSH and prolactin from anterior pituitary
What does CRH stand for?
Corticotrophin releasing hormone
What does CRH do?
releases ACTH from anterior pituitary
What does GH-RH stand for?
growth hormone releasing hormone
What does GHRH do?
releases growth hormone from anterior pituitary
inhibits growth hormone release from anterior pituitary
What does oxytocin do?
causes contraction of smooth muscle
Where is oxytocin produced?
hypothalmus and CL
Where is oxytocin released from?
posterior pituitary
What does FSH stand for?
follicle stimulating hormone
What does FSH do?
stimulates follicle growth and spermatogenesis
What does LH stand for?
leutinizing hormone
What does LH do?
causes ovulation and maturation of oocyte, maintains CL
What does prolactin do?
stimulates maternal behavior
What does corticotrophin do?
stimulates cortisol release from adrenal gland
What does TSH stand for?
thyroid stimulating hormone
What does TSH do?
stimulates thyroxin release from the thyroid gland
What does eCG stand for?
equine Chorionic Gonadotrophin
What does eCG function like?
Contains mainly FSH-like activity but also some LH-like activity
Where is relaxin secreted from?
What are 2 functions of relaxin?
cervical dilation
inhibits uterine contractions
Where does inhibin come from?
secreted by sertoli cells in the male and granulosa cells in the female
What does inhibin do?
inhibits FSH secretion w/out altering LH secretion
What steroid hormones are produced in the mitochondria?
cholesterol and pregnenolone
What steroid hormones are produced in the smooth ER?
estradiol, testosterone, and progesterone
What 2 things does PGF do?
regresses CL
controls uterine contraction
Where does melatonin come from?
pineal gland
What does melatonin do?
Integrates effects of light on reproductive processes
What hormones are polypeptides?
releasing hormones (-RH), somatostatin, oxytocin
What hormone is an amino acid?
What are the sex steroids?
estradiol, progesterone, testosterone
Which hormone is a fatty acid?
What is the biggest class of hormones?
What are the 2 smallest hormone classes?
sex steroids and fatty acid
Which 2 hormone classes cannot be given orally and why?
polypeptide and protein hormones; the peptide bonds
What are 4 factors that influence the timing of puberty?
What are ways that puberty might be measured in a heifer?
age at 1st heat
age at 1st ovulation
age at which she can support pregnancy
What are ways that puberty might be measured in a bull?
age at first ejaculation
age when sperm appear in the ejaculate
age when sperm appear in the urine
age when ejaculate contains a threshold number of sperm
How do GnRH pulses change at the onset of puberty?
1. Increase in pulse frequency and amplitude
2. increase in FSH and LH pulses
3. folliculargenesis and spermatogenesis occur
What does the GnRH surge cause in females?