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Prolactin levels of greater than 200 always indicate what?
A: Prolactionoa
E: Prolactin levels of greater than 200 almost always indicates a prolactinoma.
Do prolactin levels correlate with tumor size?
A: Y
E: Prolaction levels correlate with tumor size in macroadenomas. If the tumor is big and PRL level is low, it may not be a prolactionoma.
A patient presents with severe headache ("mule kick in the head"), nausea/vomiting, meningismus, vertigo, +- visual field defects, +- altered mental status. Which endocrine disorder could cause this presentation?
A: Pitutiary apoplexy
E: Pitutiary appoplexy
Name 3 endocrine conditions that can cause carpal tunnel syndrome.
E: DM, acromegaly, hypothyroidism.
A: DM, acromegaly, hypothyroidism.
How do you screen for acromegaly?
E: Check IGF-1 levels (also tends to be high in puberty).
What is the treatment for nephrogenic DI?
E: Thiazide diuretics are the only treatment.
A: (Thia)|(hct)
What conditions increase TBG?
E: Estrogen, clofibrate, narcotics, hepatitis, biliary cirrhosis
A: estro
Which conditions and drugs increase TBG?
E: Androgens, glucocorticoids, nephrotic syndrome
A: andro, gluco, nephro
What conditions and drugs block the preipheral conversion of T4 to T3?
E: Propranolol, glucocorticoids, PTU, methimazole
A: prop, gluco, ptu, meth
What blocks the synthesis of new T4 and T3?
E: Lithium, iodine, PTU, methimazole, amiodarone
A: lith, iod, pt, methi, amio
If TSH is high, FT4 is low, the diagnosis is ...
E: Primary hypothyroidism
A: hypo
If TSH is high, FT4 is normal what test should you order?
E: TRH stimulation test
If TSH is high, FT4 is high, what is the diagnosis?
E: Pitutiary hyperthyroidism
A: pit
If TSH is low and FT4 is high, the diagnosis is ..
E: Thyrotoxicosis
A: thyrotox
If TSH is low, FT4 is normal, what test should you order?
E: TRH stim test to confirm subclinical hyperthyroidism.
RAIU is increased in which conditions?
E: Graves, TSH-secreting tumor, hot nodules, hCG secreting tumor, iodine deficiency.
A: Grave, tsh, hot, hcg, iod
RAIU is decreased in which conditions?
E: Thyroiditis, thyroiditis factitia, iodine excess
A: Thyroiditis, thyroiditis factitia, iodine excess
The RAIU result is a ___ while a thyroid scintiscan result is a ______.
E: The RAIU result is a number while a thyroid scintiscan result is a picture.
A: num, pic
What is the thyroid scan most useful for determining?
E: To figure out if a nodule is hot or cold.
A: nod