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where are the adrenal glands located
on kidney
what do the adrenal glands do
Na-electrolyte balance
carb, fat, protein metabolism
development of sexual characteristics
flight or fight response is associated with what gland
controls sexual development and function
pituitary gland
underactive adrenal cortex
overactive adrenal cortex
pancreas secrets what
over active pituitary causes
underactive pituitary causes
dwarfism, diabetes insipidus
acth regulates what
adrenal cortex
fsh stimulates
ovaries and testes development
LH does what?
estrogen, ovulation and corpus luteum development
LTH induces what
progesterone, milk
what does oxytoxin do
acts on smooth muscles of uterus
what does vasopressin do
contracts smooth muscle of the blood vessels and gi tract
what does ADH do
prevents water loss in kidneys
what do the parathyroid glands do
regulate Ca and Phosphorus in blood
over active parathyroid gland results in
excess hormone, cuases Ca los in bones
under active parathyroid gland results in
deficiency in hormone, causes tetany
what do the beta cells produce
what do the alpha cells produce
myxedema in adults
hyperthyroidism causes
graves disease
anterior lobe of the pituitary secrets what hormones
tsh, acth, fsh, lh gh prolactin
posterior lobe of pituitary produces
ADH, oxytocin
intermediate lobe of the pituitary produces
hormones of the adrenal cortex are
aldosterone and cortisol
sex hormones
hormones of the adrenal medulla are
epinephrine and norepinephrine
Thyroid produces what hormones
t3, t4, thyrocalcitonin
pineal gland produces this hormone
thymus gland produces
thymosin and thymopoietin
leutening hormone causes
prolactin stimulates what>?
milk secretion and maturnal behavior
hyperpituitarism causes what disorder
acromegaly occures only in who?
signs of acromegaly
big hands, feet, mandible, frontal sinus, enlarged organs.
what is done to detect acromegaly
cat scan to view bone growth
after removal of pituitary gland with agromegaly what are some NI
Increased HOB, deep breathing w/o coughing,
neuro checks,
after removal of pituitary gland with agromegaly watch for these disorders
siadh, Diabetes insipidus
with diabetes insipidus you have an low secretion of this___ and this
adh, vasopressin
s/s of diabetes insipidus include
excessive thirst and urination
with graves disease you would see decrease in__ and an increase in ___
TSH T3 and T4
S/s of graves disease (hyperthyroidism)
increased HR, tremors, intolerance to heat, wt loss, anxiety, hair loss,
thyroid storm is
excessive stimulation that produces dangerous tachycardia and hyperthermia
dx of hyperthyroidism shows a increase ___ and a decrease in ____
TSH t3,t4
hyperparathyrodism results in an increase in ___
increase serum calcium levels result in demineralization of bone tissue with hyperparathyroidism and leads to
diet for a person with hyperparathyroidism issues
dec Ca in diet, increase fluids
s/s of hyperparathyroidism include
weakness, depression, anorexia, renal failure flank pain, inc Ca dec phos
TX of hyperparathyroidism
Lasix, calcitonin
how to test chrovstoks sign?
what is a positive reaction
tap on facial nerve if check and lip move its positive
hypoparathyroidism is a deficiency in
hypoparathyroidism is caused by
trauma or surgical removal
s/s of hypoparaythyroidism are
muslce cramps, fatigue tingling and twitching of face and hands. Low Ca Hi Phos
s/s addisons
dark pigmented skin, irritable, anorexia, wt loss,
s/s cushings
moon face, increased bp, muscle wasting, poor wound healing, fluid retention
NI for cushings are
maintain muslce tone, inc protein and cal, monitor urine, prevent accidents
pheochromocytoma are
tumors of the adrenal gland which produce excess adrenaline.
with pheochromocytomia you want to do what
stabilize bp
disorders of the pancreas include
DM, Hyper/ hypo glycemia, DKA