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LH is ____amino acid with ____sugar.
92 amino acid with no sugar
LPH causes blood sugar to rise and causes _______ to produce _______.
melanocytes to produce melanin.
LPH is synthesized for a pro hormone or a ___ _______ hormone.
pre curser hormone
__________ is an example of a precursor or prohormone.
Pro-opiomelanocortin can be cleaved to form __ ___ or _____.
LPH, ACTH, beta endorphins
When your blood sugar drops ___, ____ and ____ are released.
glucagon, LPH, and GH
_______causes LPH to be released when drop in glucose.
Corticotropin (CRH)
______ inhibits LPH release.
Beta endorphins are produced by _____ cells.
corticotrophic cells
beta endorphins are ___amino acid peptide.
beta endorphins are termed ______ same effect as morphine.
opioid (same molecular structure as opium)
body produces ___ ____ when you are under a tremendous amount of stress, or after a great amount of pain, great amount of exercise.
beta endorphin
Effects of beta endorphins____,___,___ &____.
stimulates food intake, slows cancer growth, relaxed, alleviates pain
CRH causes which 3 hormones to be released
beta edorphins
(same as PRO opiomelanocortin)
- Prolactin (PRL) in females stimulates and sustains ___ _____.
milk production
the blood supply to the anterior pituitary is from the superior ______arteries.
In the anterior pit, hypothalamic releasing and inhibiting hormones enter the _____ _____ ______, consisting of the primary plexus located in the_____ and flow to the secondary plexus located in the ___ ____.
Hypothalamo/hypophyseal portal system
anterior pituitary
EXCRETION of hormones is for water soluble hormones, your _____filter them directly out and excrete through _____.
kidneys, urine
in METABOLISM of hormones, hydrophilic and hydrophobic are converted and metabolized by ______ then secreted by____or converted into_____in the gallbladder and out of digestive tract
in ACTIVE TRANSPORT of hormones both hydrophilic and hydrophobic are re____ and re____ . NOT CHANGED, just reused.
reabsorbed and released