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What does FSH stand for?
Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (Glycoprotein)
What does LH stand for?
Lutenizing Hormone (Glycoprotein)
What does TSH stand for?
Thyroid-stimulating hormone (Glycoprotein)
What does ACTH (Peptide hormone) do?
Stimulates the secretion of adrenal cortical hormones
What does Prolactin do? (2 func., one being the inhibition of its counterpart)
· Controls production of milk by the breasts.
· Decreases release of GnRH, inhibiting ovulation
What are the six hormones released by the anterior pituitary?
1) FSH
2) LH
3) Growth Hormone
4) TSH
6) Prolactin
What are the 2 hormones of the posterior pituitary?
1) ADH
2) Oxytocin
What does ADH (Peptide hormone) do?
Stimulates reabsorption of water by the collecting ducts of the nephron
What does Oxytocin (peptide hormone) do?
Stimulates uterine contraction and milk ejection for breastfeeding.
What are the 3 cortical hormones of the adrenal gland?
1) Cortisol
2) Aldosterone
3) Epinephrine
What does Cortisol (Steroid hormone) do?
· Stress hormone released in response to psycological challenges.
· Produced in the adrenal cortex
What does Aldosterone (Steroid hormone) do?
· Acts on Distal Tubules to Cause Reabsorption of Sodium and Water
· Produced in the adrenal cortex
What are two other names for Adrenaline?
1) Epinephrine
2) "Fight or Flight" Hormone
What does Epinephrine (Amine hormone) do?
Raises blood glucose level, increases metabolic activity

· Produced in the adrenal medulla
What are the 2 pancreatic hormones?
1) Insulin (protein hormone)
2) Glucagon (protein hormone)
What does Insulin do?
Lowers blood sugar in response to high blood glucose levels. Does so by stimulating Glycogen formation (sugar storage)
What does Glucagon do?
Stimulates conversion of Glycogen to Glucose. Raises blood sugar
What does PTH (peptide hormone) do?
Increases concentration of Calcium Ions to assist in process of bone maintenance.
What are the 3 sex hormones?
1) Progesterone
2) Estrogen
3) Testosterone
What does Progesterone (Steroid hormone) do?
Regulates menstrual cycle and pregnancy
What does Testosterone (Steroid Hormone) do?
Stimulates sex characteristics in men
What does Estrogen (steroid hormone) do?
Stimulates sex characteristics in women.
Induces release of LH.
What are the 2 thyroid hormones?
1) Calcitonin
2) Thyroxine
What does Calcitonin (Peptide Hormone) do?
Lowers concentration of Calcium Ions. Works against PTH.
What does Thyroxine (Amine hormone) do?
Stimulates metabolic activites
What is an example of negative feedback in hormone secretion?
Insulin is secreted by the pancreas to inhibit the production of glucose when sugar blood levels are too high. When they drop to or below the optimum level, the production of insulin is inhibited.
What is an example of positive feedback in hormone secretion?
Estrogen is released as a result of FSH in females. It stimulates the release of LH which acts on the ovaries to stimulate further secretion of estrogen.
What is negative feedback?
Hormone acts to directly or indirectly inhibit further secretion of its own hormone kind.
What is positive feedback?
Hormone acts to directly or indirectly cause increased secretion of itself.
What does FSH do? (2 func.)
· Stimulates activities of gonads.
· In females, induces development of follicle.
What does LH do? (2 func.)
· Stimulates ovulation and formation of corpus luteum.
· Stimulates synthesis of estrogen and progesterone.
What does TSH do?
· Stimulates synthesis and secretion of thyroid hormones that regulate metabolism
What do Growth Hormones (protein hormone) do?
Stimulate protein synthesis and general growth in body
What does PRL stand for?
Prolactin (protein hormone)
What is Melatonin and from what gland does it originate?
Amine hormone involved in biological rhythms
· From the pineal gland
What is another name for an androgen?
Testosterone (Steroid hormone)