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stimulates follicle developmemtn in ovary
stimulates sperm development in testes
follicle stimulating hormone
stimulates ovulation. stimulates testosterone production in testes
luteinizing hormone
important in acts on mammary glands to stimulate milk prodction
controls function of adrenal gland cortex
adrenocorticotropic. ACTH
controls activity of thyroid gland
throid stimulating hormone
acts on body tissues to stimulate protein synthesis for growth.
Growth hormone
hypersecrectoin during adult hood face, hands, and feet enlarge
storage area for 2 hormones secreted by the hypothalamus
posterior pituitary
acts on collecting ducts of nephrons in kidneys to absorb H2O
antidiuretic hormone
promote breakdown of protein to amino acids. amino acids voncerted to blood glucose. reduces inflammation
regulates levels of sodium in tissue fluids.
hyposecretion of cortisol and aldosterone by the adrenal cortex
addison's disease
hypersectretion of cortisol. excessive production of glucose from glycogen and protein. exta glucose vonverted to body fat shows up in back fance and abdomen
cushing's disease
these hormoses mobilize body for quick vigorous activity
epinephrine and norepinephrine
acts on body cells to acelerate atp production and increase metabolic rate
enlarged thyroid gland appears as a
hypersecretoin of throxin. high metabolic rate. witht loss. fluid accumulation behide eyes cause them to protrude
grave's disease
inhibits osteoclasts and stimulates osteoblasts in bone tissue. decreases calcium levels in bloodstream. calcium then deposited into bone structure
stimulates osteo clasts in bone to digest bone to release calcium into body fluids
parathyroid hormone