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What does the endocrine system control?
It controls many of the body's daily activities as well as long term changes like development.
The endocrine system is made up of ______?
glands. These are the organs that produce chemicals.
Does the enocrine system have delivary tubes?
What are endocrine glands?
They produce and release there chemical products directly into the blood strem. The blood carries it throughout the body.
What is a Hormone?

What do they do?
The chemical product of an endocrine gland.

They turn off, on, speed up and slow down activities of organs and tissues.
Hormones cause a ___________________ response.
They casue a slower, longer lasting, response.
What is a target cell and what interacts with it?
A hormone only interacts with target cell, which are cells that recognise the hormone's chemical structure.
What two systems work together?
The Endocrine and the Nervous system.
What is the Hypothalamus?
It is a tiny part of the brain, located in the middle of your head, which is the link between both systems.
What do nerve messages control?
Hunger, sleep, adn other conditions that come from the hypothalamus.
Does it play a major role in maintaining homeostasis?
What is below the hypothalamus? How big is it?
The pituitary gland, the size of a pea, communicates with the hypothalamus to control many body activities.
What is negative feedback?
A process in which a system is turned iff by the condition it produces.
E.X.-regulation of temperature by a thermostat and regulation of hormones in the blood.
What is thyroxine?
A thyroid hormone that controls how much energy is availavle to cells.