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6 developmental domains
1. Gross motor
-walking, crawling
-weakest correlation w/general fxn
-cultural diff's exist

2. Fine motor

3. Problem solving
*2nd best predictor of future cognitive functioning

4. Language
*Best predictor of future cognitive functioning in absence of hearing/communication impairment

5. Self help
-very sensitive to effects of practice, teaching, and customs

6. Social-emotional
best predictors of future cognitive functioning
*Best predicotr=Language
*2nd best=problem solving
where are most external dysmorphic features found?
face, hands, skin
who is developing screening targeted at?
ALL children

goal is to ID those who need more in-depth eval
who do you do full evaluation on?
-any child whose parents are concerned
-any child who failed screening test
Developmental abnl that can be det by developmental eval?
1. Delay=lag in one or more streams of development

Developmental Quotient (DQ)=
(Developmental Age)/
(Chronological Age)

70 <= DQ=85 ==>monitor closely

2. Dissociation=discrepant developmental ages for diff streams of development

Mental Retardation:
motor DQ > > language & prob solving DQ

Cerebral Palsy:
Motor DQ << language & prob solving DQ

nl prob solving
nl motor DQ
delayed lanuage DQ's

3. Deviancy=non-sequential appearance of skill withina single stream of dev

-ex. child w/CP may roll from supine to prone by 2 mos, before achieving prone head control
-these "splinter skills" rarely of use to child

close monitorint
how manage developmental d/o
Birth to 3 y/o==>refer to early State intervention program

> 3 y/0==>refer to Special Ed program in local school district