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What is Triage?
A way of catergorizing patients based on their need to be transported.
What is START Triage?
Simple Triage And Rapid Transport.
What does ARPM in START TRIAGE stand for?
Ambulatory- able to walk
Respitoray status
Perfusion Status
Mental Status
In START Triage, how many Respirations per minute does a patient need to have for you to move to perfusion?
30 rpm or lower.

If the patient has a higher rpm level then 30 tag the patient RED and move to next
In START Triage, if your respirations are shallow or inadaquate what do you do?
Tag the patient RED and move to the next person.
What does a patient need in the START Triage on perfusion to NOT be tagged red?
A cap refill time of less then 2 seconds and a radial pulse present.

If not then the patient is tagged red.
In START Triage if a patient has Respirations less then 30, Cap refill of less then 2 seconds and a radial pulse, what do you need (as in mental status) to NOT tag the patient RED?
You need the patient to follow your commands, by having him squeeze your fingers when aked to. If he doesnt then you tag him red and move on.
If the patient who you are avaluating his mental status squeezes your fingers when asked, what color do you tag him in the START Triage?
What type of triage should be used on anyone who looks like a child?
JumpSTART Triage