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Who was the visionary who realized that Mexico badly needed colonists, set out to make money for himself, and helped enlarge the population of Mexican Texas.
Stephen F. Austin
Who was the first and most-trusted empressario?
Moses Austin
Who was an unsuccessful empresario who declared Texas an independent nation and called it the Republic of Freedonia?
Haden Edwards
Who was an empresario who b rought 400 families to Texas and founded the town of Gonzales?
Green Dewitt
Who was different than the other empresarios because he was the only who came from Mexico and founded the town of Victoria?
Martin DeLeon
Who was one of a few who received land grants in Austin's colony, and owned and operated a hotel where many new immigrants stayed?
Jane Long
What were the 4 requirements for colonists moving into Texas?
Settlers had to:
pledge their loyalty to Mexico
give up their US citizenship
become Catholic
gave good moral character