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A large group of islands
A seasonal wind that blows across South Asia bringing dry weather in the winter and heavy rains in the summer
The world's highest mountain range, forming the nothern border of the Indian subcontinent
Mount Everest
The tallest mountain in the world, located in the Himalayas on the border between Nepal and Tibet
Tibetan Plateau
A high mountain plateau in Asia
Gobi Desert
A large desert in east-central Asia
Supreme ruler of the Ottoman empire
Grand Mufti
A religious leader of the Ottoman empire responsible for intierpreting the laws of Islam.
Founder of the Ottoman empire
Sultan of the Ottoman empire during its peak
Suleyman's chief architect
Formerly known as Constantinople..largest city in present day Turkey
Asia Minor.... peninsula in western Asia
ruler of Mogul empire in India from 1556-1605
Shah Jahan
Mogul emperor of India...built the Taj Mahal in memory of his wife
Mumataz Mahal
Wife of Shah Jahan the Taj Mahal was built in her memory
City in north-central India capital of the Mogul empire around 1564-1658
Taj Mahal
a grand tomb in Agra India built by Mogul Shah Jahan to honor his wife
Mekong River
river in SE Asia flows from tibet to the South China Sea
Tonle Sap
a lake in western Cambodia
ruined city in Cambodia capital of the Khmer around 850-1430
Phnom Penh
capital of Cambodia first became capital during the Khmer rule in the 1400's
Jayvarman II
one of the first kings of Cambodia
Suryavarman II
Khmer king who filled his capital city of Angkor with magnificent Hindu temples
Grand Canal
a waterway in China connecting Beijing with cities to the south
Genghis Kahn
Mogul conqueror... at its peak his empire included China, western Asia and parts of Eastern Europe
Kublai Kahn
Grandson of Genghis Kahn founder of China's Yuan Dynasty
Marco Polo
Italian merchant who traveled to China where he lived for 17 years at times serving as a diplomat for Kublai Kahn
captial of the People's Republic of China first became the capital during the rule of Kublai Kahn in the 1200's
Forbidden City
walled area in Beijing built in 1417-1420 during the Ming dynasty....contained the palaces of the emperors
Japanese religion marked by belief in the spirits of nature
ruler of feudal Japan from the 1100's to the 1800's who although appointed by the emperor, ruled the country as a military dictator
class of soldiers in fuedal Japan who were loyal only to their lords
Japanese shogun who in 1192 attained supreme power from the emperor and ruled the country as a military dictator
Tokugawa Ieyasu
Shogun or military commander...his family's rule kept Japan peaceful for more than 200 years
Lady Murasaki Shikibu
Japanese author who wrote The Tale of the Genji which is thought to be the world's first novel
former name for Tokyo, Japan
city in Japan...formerly the emperor's capital during the rule of the shoguns
capital and the largest city in Japan